Chapter 21

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"I guess I'm going to have to call you my girlfriend now," he smirked, twirling a lock of my hair around his finger.

"Woah..." I grabbed his hand, raising my brow, "since when did I agree to be your girlfriend?"

"Umm when we kissed last night?"

"Just because we kissed doesn't mean that I'm automatically your girlfriend." I crossed my arm, "It's going to take a lot more than just a kiss to win me over."

He chuckled, "I knew it wouldn't be that easy. You're a tough cookie Luce and I like that."

The bus stopped at our school dropping everyone off. I stepped off letting the icy breeze hit my face, "since when did it become so cold?" I said, chattering my teeth. 

"I don't feel cold," Natsu said, shrugging his shoulder.

I stared at him. The only thing he had on was a short sleeve shirt and jeans, "it has to be about fifteen degrees out here how are you not cold?"

"I don't usually get cold. My mom always says I have a freakishly warm body temperature."

Yep he's definitely a weirdo.

The bell rang indicating we have a minute left to get to class, "we better hurry," I said, "the last thing I want is Ms. Smith on my ass about another thing."

"Today class we'll be learning about a whole new unit," She slammed a pile of papers on her desk, smiling wickedly like the evil teacher she is, "probability."

Stacks and stacks of papers were piled on each person's desk. I still don't know how she expects us to do all these papers in just two days! And a project! Are all teachers just insane and like torturing their students? Is this just a universal thing?

I jumped, startled, by the sound of a few books being slammed down on my desk. I glanced up to see Natsu smiling with his hands on his hips, "hey Luce!" He said.

"Umm hi." I couldn't help but eye him weirdly. Why is he acting so strange?

"Wanna be my partner for the project?"

"I'd rather work alone." I looked up to see him staring at me with his jaw dropped. I swear I could see a little tears forming in the corner of his eyes, "Natsu, I'm just kidding," I said giggling.

He pushed my shoulder, "don't play like that Luce. You hurt my feelings."

"Whatever big baby, but If we're going to work together you have to promise me to actually work and not play around."

"Don't worry, I know when not to play around Luce. I can be serious y'know."

"Well let's see you work. I'll do the first five pages and you can do the next five."

"Got it boss," he smiled.

"Don't call me boss."

"Roger that!"

I shook my head giggling, "such a dork."

"I don't understand why he's working with her," I heard someone whisper who was a couple of seats behind me, "she's a ugly freak."

I continued listening to their conversation, "I wonder if she even told him that she's sick. She's probably tricking him or something to hang out with her."

I sighed, tapping my pencil, "I'm not sick," I whispered.

"What do you mean you're not sick?" Natsu asked, eyeing me kinda weirdly.

"It's nothing, let's just get back to work," I said continuing to work on one of the assignments.

Why do they treat me like this?

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