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Fairy Tail's One-shots by XxnashtheslayerxX
Fairy Tail's One-shotsby XxnashtheslayerxX
Hi Watashi wa Nash desu, this is my couples one-shots of Fairy Tail. So hope ya like this. Bye
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Laylas Geheimnis by saku5732
Laylas Geheimnisby saku
Hier geht es um die Gilde fairy tail die ihr Neues Abenteuer bestehen darf. Was wohl alles auf sie zukommen wird? Fairy tail gehört nicht mir sondern Hiro Mashima
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So, We Meet Again (a NaLu fan fiction) by Mystery7Link
So, We Meet Again (a NaLu fan fict...by If tears left scars
A story about Natsu and Lucy and how they had a big relationship when they were little but Lucy was forced to move out and didn't get to say goodbye see what happens whe...
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Stronger [Nalu, Gale, Jerza, Gruvia & Miraxus Fanfiction] by Star_Anime166
Stronger [Nalu, Gale, Jerza, Gruvi...by Law's Waifu
A Blonde bad ass. A Salmon haired bad boy. Pierced and tattooed delinquents. The redhead with the sword. The shy bookwork. The gloomy rain woman. The black haired troubl...
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Fairy Tail One Shots [Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy/Gale, Jerza & Rowen] by Demon_Lord_Sachiko
Fairy Tail One Shots [Nalu, Gruvia...by Sachiko
So this is a book of one shots!! Yeah you probably knew that because of the name but whatever!! I made a really cute cover but I could not male it fit as a cover so i...
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Fairy Tail: Clone Apocalypse by vulpokemon
Fairy Tail: Clone Apocalypseby Romeo
After Natsu breaks a potion bottle it creates clones of some of the Fairy Tail members. the only way to get rid of them is unknown and if they find out how to get rid of...
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Handcuffs and Murder by iceartist
Handcuffs and Murderby Šenri
Erza, Lucy, Levy, Juvia, and Mira are cops they're after a gang of serial killers. Jellal, Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, and Laxus. Will they get the killers or will it be the ot...
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A Pokahantes Story by Maria_Cutie123
A Pokahantes Storyby NaLu_Shipper777
What if she's supposed to marry him so that her people can have their land back? What if she won't follow his commands. It's goal to brake her wild spirit. But will he f...
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Fairy Tail Future by nekhina
Fairy Tail Futureby Nekhina
It was a just a normal day in the town of Magnolia in the Fairy Tail guild when suddenly a loud noise came from the forest and now Fairy Tail is involved with a future c...
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She's Here all Along ( Fairy Tail, Miraxus ) by ThakuroChang
She's Here all Along ( Fairy Tail...by Thakuro Chang
She's indeed more than just his closest friend, but Laxus never realizes it. She's always been waiting for him to confess his love to her. She wants Laxus to stop search...
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Tiptoe kisses- Fairytail one-shots by danimerri1
Tiptoe kisses- Fairytail one-shotsby Mama Redfox
These characters aren't mine. I don't have the time or the energy to make OCs.
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Fairy Tail New Years Eve One-shot by LordLuminous
Fairy Tail New Years Eve One-shotby Jesal Bulsara
Happy New Years Everyone! Enjoy!
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Scarlet Flower (Editing) by Jewel_Rose18
Scarlet Flower (Editing)by AustereDemoiselle
Eileen Belserion's Father made peace and unite the tribes in his kingdom to prevent war and to share goods and resources abundantly with commoners living peacefully unti...
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Why does love hurt: A Fairy Tail/Gratsu fanfiction (BoyxBoy) by yaoi_lover110
Why does love hurt: A Fairy Tail/G...by Kiwi_Neko_Fox
¡¡WARNING!! HARDCORE YAOI FANFICTION! BOYXBOY LOVE!! Pairings: Gratsu, Fraxus, Jerza, mentions of Miraxus, mentions of Nalu, small mentions of Gruvia, small mentions of...
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Juvia's revenge by shinazuko
Juvia's revengeby shinazuko
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Forever Flame (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by brxdgette_b
Forever Flame (Fairy Tail Fanficti...by Bridgette
A flame can burn forever for eternity unless it goes out. However, Natsu's and Lucy's flame can burn brighter and stronger for infinity but what happens when it can be b...
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Fairytail Mating Season by Pens_and_Pencils
Fairytail Mating Seasonby Weapons_of_Mass_Creation
Since Fairytail and all the other guilds have been working hard, the Council decides to give them a break. At a really fancy resort. Everyone's excited and having fun u...
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Forward {A Fairy Tail next gen story} by ScarlettFlower
Forward {A Fairy Tail next gen sto...by Fluff
Go forward into the future of Fairy Tail. Where you will meet the kids of all your favorite characters. Be introduced to all new characters, and be pulled into the histo...
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Nightcore (LoLu) by LucyHeartfilia_1428
Nightcore (LoLu)by CandyClayre_1428
Three months ago, a famous band name Nightcore died because of the incident happen. The fans didn't know that they were still alive. Loki Cross, one of the fans of Night...
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Drunken Lava Dragon Slayer (Book 2) by 01zombieslayer1
Drunken Lava Dragon Slayer (Book 2)by 01ZombieSlayer1
What happens when a lava Dragon slayer and a Drunken mage (Cana) have a child and that child intakes into high school?
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