Chapter 20

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My eyes.

Why can't I close my eyes?

Oh, now I remember...

Because that idiot kissed me! I couldn't help but keep replaying that moment over and over and over again in my head. I couldn't help but feel my lips repeatedly making sure his lips weren't still touching mine.

Oh my god his lips.

They were just so soft, it was almost inhuman. They even tasted like freaking cinnamon! I love cinnamon!

Ok Lucy, let's calm down for a second. It was just one kiss. It probably didn't mean anything.

But don't kisses mean you like someone or even love? Well he did say he liked me....

Oh my god he said he liked me! That unbearable heat is coming back to my face again.

Natsu! Why can't I get you out of my mind?!

"Lucy?" I heard a whisper at my door, "are you still awake?"

I sat up straight, regaining my composure, "Yeah, Is something wrong mom?"

"Actually it's quite the opposite." She closed the door behind her, "you remember that man I was talking about a while ago?"

"That man named Jude? What about him?"

"Things kind of got a little serious between us. We'll I wouldn't say serious."

"Don't worry mom," I patted the seat next to me, "Dr. Lucy Heartfilia is hear to listen to all your problems."

She giggled, "thanks doc," She laid next to me, "I needed someone to talk to before I go insane."

"Well tell me about your concerns."

"Well, tonight when I was at the bar, I noticed that he wasn't there at his usual time and I was getting worried."

I placed an invisible pen on my chin, "interesting, carry on."

She couldn't help but laugh at my childish antics, "he came in a few hours after usual and he looked nervous, like something was eating at him." She took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling for a minute before continuing, "we had our usual conversation until he asked me what I've been dying to hear ever since we met."

I turned my body toward her, intrigued, "Well, what was it?"

"He asked me out," She laughed, "he asked me out to dinner this weekend."

"Really? What did you say?"


"Well come on, what did you say?!"

"I didn't say anything."

"You what?!" I yelled, now standing over her, "if you like him why didn't you say yes!? You said you've been dying for him to ask you!"

"I know but, there's still something holding me back."

I sighed, "Oh my god, is this about that douche bag?"

"Hey, that's still your father y'know."

"A father doesn't do this." I lifted my arm showing her the cut from when my dad pushed me into that vase.

She gently grabbed my arm, "he did this to you?"

"It was the night after you had another one of your episodes." I clenched my fist, "the night I needed you the most. Where were you?"

She sighed, staring in another direction, trying to keep her eyes off mine, "I'd be lying if I said I remembered."

"He came home that night looking for you."

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