Chapter 16

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"Tell me about him." I sat on the couch across from her.

"He's a regular at the bar. He's really sweet. Everyday he always came in and starts some of the most random conversations ever. Some of them don't even make sense half the time," She laughed, "but, I always enjoy hearing him talk to me."

"It's nice to hear that things are getting better for you."

"Yeah, I finally went to one of those support groups to help with the alcohol problems."

"Seriously?! That's great! I'm proud of you mom."

"Thank you. I just want to be someone you're proud of to have as a mother."

"I'll always be proud to have you as a mother. Faults and all."

"You're making me all teary eyed now." We both laughed.

I stood up, "I'll talk to you in the morning mom," I gave her a hug probably almost squeezing the life out of her, "goodnight."

She squeezed back just as tight, "goodnight, I love you."

"I love you too."

It's not that often I hear those words from my mother, but when I do, it brings out a whole other side of me. I just wanted that motherly love that everyone else has.

Today, she finally gave it me. I feel like this is the first time I can actually say I have a mother.

I changed into my pajamas and did all my other night rituals.

I was about to lay down in my bed until I heard my phone buzz, "just checking up on you, goodnight."

"Goodnight, Flamebrain." Ever since I heard Gray use that insult I've been dying to say it.

"Since when did you become Gray..."

"Haha. Goodnight." I put my phone on my nightstand and got comfortable in my bed and fell straight asleep.

The sound of my alarm clock was engulfed in my ears, making me wanna throw it out the window.

I slammed my hand on my alarm clock trying to turn it off but it just wasn't working!

It sounded like a freaking siren was going off in my room.

Wait? Why is my alarm clock even on today. It's Sunday.

"Rise and shine!" My mom came in my room blasting a horn throughout the whole house.

"What are doing?!" I screamed.

"Today me and you are spending the whole day together."

"Why does that sound like it's going to be torture?" I whispered.

"So get ready. First were going out for breakfast."

"Can I just sleep in? It's like eight in the morning."

"Not today. Hurry and get ready. Ahh! I'm so excited!"

Now I really can't say no.

I dragged my feet toward my closet and grabbed some jeans and a hoodie.

I was so tired! I fell asleep while taking a shower and brushing my teeth.

Ugh! Who gets up this early on a weekend? Crazy people! That's who!

"Come on Lucy or we're going to be late!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I walked down the stairs and met up with my mom.

"Alright! Let's get going."

It was freezing cold outside. The temperature dropped tremendously. As soon as I walked out I felt like giant popsicle.

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