Chapter 23

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"Wow Natsu, I didn't expect you to get so many books."

He stumbled from side to side, struggling to keep himself balanced, "I know right! Who knew there were so many amazing books in there!"

I laughed, "im glad you're interested in reading more." We walked up the street turning into my house, "Woah there buddy!" I said holding out my hand, "where do you think you're going?"

He furrowed his brow, "in your house?"

"Not today Natsu. I actually have something planned for today."

"Like what?" He scoffed.

"Just stuff. Now turn around and go to your house. I'm starting to think you come to my house more than your own."

"But Lucy I wanna be here with you. I want to tell you what happens as I read the stories. I want us to fangirl together!"

I sighed, "maybe another time Natsu, but i really have things I need to do right now."

He pouted, "alright fine."

I opened my door walking inside, "I promise I'll make it up to you."

"You better!" He yelled as he walked down the driveway.

I closed my door, sliding down, sitting against it, "what a day...."

I jumped as I heard a noise come from the kitchen. I shot up instantly taking a look out the window, "moms car isn't here or dads." I took another glance noticing there was someone else's car outside our house.

Oh god! Don't tell me!

I glanced around my surroundings looking for anything I could use as a weapon. I picked up one of our broken umbrellas sitting on top of one of the stairs, "this will have to do," I whispered.

I quietly made my way to the intruder, holding my umbrella high and aimed for their head. I peeked the corner noticing a pair of legs sticking outside the doors under the sink.

Menacing I say! Is this what burglars do now?! Steal peoples sinks?

I made my way over to him, stepping on the balls of my feet, making sure I didn't make any type of noise. I raised the umbrella in the air and smack it down against his chest as fast as lighting.

I kept swinging the umbrella at him, "get out of my house you sink theif!" I yelled.

"Wait!" Yelled the man, "it's not what you think!"

"Spare me you thief!" I yelled.

"Lucy!" I turned around to see my mom with her jaw dropped and her eyes practically jumping out of her eyes, "what are you doing?!" She yelled.

"Im stopping this man from stealing our sink!"

"He's not stealing our sink, he's fixing it!"

"Wha..." I looked around the man and saw tools of all sorts and a pair of gloves surrounding him, "oh."

She sighed, "put the umbrella down Lucy."

I threw the umbrella behind me, scratching the back of my head, "Sorry for that."

He stood up, grabbing his lower back, "its fine." He placed his hand in front of me, "my name is Jude."

I shook his hand, "ah, so youre the guy my mom can't stop talking about," I smirked, staring back at my mom who was now fuming.

He chuckled, "she talks about me?"

"More than you know," I whispered.

"Alright!" My said, clapping her hands, "why dont we get cleaned up so we can have dinner."

Jude placed his hand on my shoulder, "mind telling me where the bathroom is?"

"Down the hall on the left." I smiled. I watched him go down the hall and into the bathroom, "oh mom!" I smirked.

She sighed, "Lucy, not right now."

"He's handsome. I can tell you that."

She chuckled, "you think so?"

"Sure. He looks like a nice man. Better than my old man."

She dropped her glass on the floor, shattering it, "shit," she whispered.

"You all right mom?" I raised my brow, staring at her.

"Yeah, my hands were just a little slippery that's all. I told you hurry and clean up for dinner." She said, picking up the glass pieces.

I raised my hands, "alright, alright," I said.

I grabbed my bag and headed upstairs. I took a deep as I sat on my bed, feeling a soft breeze coming my window.

Even the mention of his name gives my mother anxiety, I hope this dinner goes well so it can give my mom the strength she needs to do the thing she needed to do a long time ago...

Leave my dad.

I heard something vibrate in my bag making me quite curious to who would be texting me around this time.

I scrolled through my phone only to see Natsu spamming me with texts about different books.

I laughed, "enjoying those books?" I said.

Not a second later and he texted me back, "this book is beyond amazing! You should come over later so we can read it together."

"As good as that sounds, I can't. Mom has a friend over," I texted.

"That's too bad. How about tomorrow then?"

"No can do, I have plans that day also."

I watched as those three dots blinked, waiting for him to send a message. He never responds this late.

"Thats fine. Maybe another day."

I leaned back in bed, "sorry, I'll text you later."

I took a deep breath, tossing my phone to the side of my bed.

Now back to business. I say it's time I investigate this Jude guy.


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