Chapter 1

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A world in grey, black and white. How does that sound to you? Pretty boring huh? Well that's my life everyday. So dull, colorless, lifeless.

Everyday I wonder how my life would be if I could see colors. Maybe I would get bullied less often, maybe my mother would pay more attention to me instead of treating me like I'm from another world. How I wish to see a rainbow, be able to color pictures or paint portraits.

I wonder how my life would be if I could see color...

"Ms. Heartfilia!" I snapped my head up to see my teacher, Ms. Smith, looking infuriated at me, "can you answer the question I just asked you."

"No, I'm sorry I wasn't listening." I heard giggles from the back of the classroom, specifically from a group of girls I absolutely despise. I know I shouldn't really say that it's not nice to say hate or in my case despise, but these girls... they really piss me off.

"Well, maybe if you paid more attention in class instead of day dreaming you would learn something." The class started laughing.

She began writing on her board again about whatever she was teaching. I was too busy looking outside at the weather to notice. The sky was grey and the rain was falling as hard as ever leaving a huge boom as it landed on the roof of the school.

"I mean look at her clothes she's not even matching." The petty girls in the back started giggling at the "queen bees" joke. It was obvious they were talking about me. But it's not my fault. My mom never wants to help me pick out my clothes, so I have to do what I have to do.

The bell rings for next period and everyone shoots out of their seats and rushed to the door like wild animals. Of course, the smart person I am, I didn't immediately jump out of my seat and run to the door like a crazy person. I stood up and walked toward the door once it was clear but before I could walk out the same girls from earlier knocked down my stuff.

It seems like I wasn't the only one with that idea.

"Watch where your going!" The "leader" walked out with her minions following behind her.

I groaned. When is she ever going to leave me alone, it's been since fifth grade. Get a life!

"Ms. Heartfilia, can I see you for a minute."

I screamed on the inside. When will she leave me alone too. Can't these people see I want peace! I turned around putting on a fake smile and headed toward her desk.

"Yes, Ms. Smith?"

"I noticed your grades are slipping tremendously in not just my class but your other classes as well. Is there anything I should know?"

"No, I'm fine. Dont worry I'll get them up soon."

"You've been saying that since the beginning of the year, it has to be something wrong, If it's about your condition-"

"My condition has nothing to do with this." Now she's just getting annoying. I can't stand when people bring up my "condition", it's none of their business.

"Well if you don't get these grades up in the next two months I have no choice but to fail you, same goes for your other classes." She went back to stapling papers without looking at me.

I left the classroom, frustrated about the information I just received. This year is definitely a rough one for me.

I walked into my next class... gym. Oh how I dread coming to this subject, not because of any of the activities or sports but because since I have a "medical" condition they won't allow me to play with them. I have to sit in the bleacher for about an hour and a half doing nothing. The only thing I could do was dress in my gym uniform, which was such a waste.

The gym teacher blew his whistle, "ok guys were running a mile on the track! Line up!" He blew his whistle again.

Everyone groaned. They don't know how lucky they are. At least they don't have to sit on these hard cold bleachers for an hour and a half.

You know what, that's it! This is the last time I'm sitting on these stupid bleachers. I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. He looked down at me with squinted eyes, "What is it now Heartfilia?"

"Put me in coach! Just because I have an eye condition doesn't mean I can't run around a track."

"Sorry, rules are rules." He continued looking at the clipboard, seeing who was in the line up.

"Please?! Just one lap around the track and I wont talk to you again today."

He put his hand on his chin, "not a bad offer..."

I slapped his shoulder lightly while pouting, he chuckled, "fine, but you need to put on your glasses. You know the rules."

There were two things in the world I just couldn't do, one, was wasting a sweet delicate reeses cup and two, was putting on those horrendous glasses. They had these thick, huge frames and they wrapped around my neck. Knowing my mother, they were probably a horrible color too, if there is one.

"Fine." I got my glasses and walked onto the track to line up with the rest of the kids.

"Look, isn't that that girls who can't see color or something."

"Yeah, poor girl. I'm glad that isn't my problem."

"Look at her glasses!"

"Just because she can't see in color doesn't give her an excuse to skip gym."

I heard everybody whispering about me. It was honestly getting annoying. I'm just like them. I can do everything they can, except I have an eye condition. So why do they treat me so differently?

"OK four laps around the track." He blew the whistle and everyone zoomed past me knocking me into other people. I think some were actually flying.

After all the chaos, I started gaining more speed, just letting go. I wanna know what it feels like to get that rush in your lungs, to feel that adrenaline run through your veins, the feeling of adventure! Like the ones in my books. I started running top speed just letting my feet and legs do its jobs. I was laughing like a madman running through the track. I know some people were staring at me like I was a nut, but I certainly didn't mind, this was probably the only free time and exercise I'll get until I move out of my house.

"I feel so alive!" I yelled, catching a few stares from my classmates.

I slowed down trying to catch my breath before my heart and lungs exploded.

I ran my one lap already.

"Wow, I didn't know you had that in you." Coach said, looking at me quite amazed, "I would put you one the track team if I could."

"Yeah, I guess it's all that bottled up energy I have from sitting on the bleachers."

He laughed, "yeah probably, now go get cleaned up."

He threw me a water bottle. In a couple gulps I drank the whole thing and headed to the locker room. I opened the door to the locker room but I heard one of the doors from outside the gym open. Being the curious person I am, I looked to see the person heading out but, not before seeing a whiff of something I never thought I would see...


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