Chapter 18

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"Come on Natsu! We've been driving for hours!" I pouted sitting back into my seat.

"Just be patient sweetheart, we're almost there." He winked at me, focusing his eyes back on the road.

"Sweetheart!" I yelled. I sat back again staring out the window looking at the stars in the sky.

Damn Natsu for having me out this late. I could be at home having a absolutely, insanely, amazing nap right now but nope! He decided to kidnap me bringing me to wherever he's going.

As I was leaning on the arm rest I felt the sharp pain come back into my arm, "not again..." I whispered.

"What was that?" He said.

"Um, nothing important." He focused his eyes back on the road. I slowly unzipped my jacket, revealing the bandage covering the long cut going down my arm. I touched it and immediately felt the blood that was now dripping down my arm. As time went on the pain started coming back and getting worse.

Pain killers can't work forever. Especially when you're taking about eight a day.

I tried the best I could to wipe the blood using the sleeve of my shirt.

I can't hide this forever. Someone's going to notice it one day and then I have to explain what he did to me. Even though he's abusive I can't just tell on him, he's still my dad.

I still love him.

Even if he is the way he is.

"Finally!" I jumped at Natsu's enthusiastic shout as we pulled into driveway, "were here!"

I wrapped the bandage bck around the cut and zipped my jacket, leaning foward to look out the front windshield. It was a little building. Run down, beat, damaged, you name it.

This place was a horror story writer's dream home.

"Umm, Natsu?  Are we in the right place? Did you take a wrong turn or something?"

"This is definitely the place." He unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out the car.

There's now way in hell I'm getting out of this car. Hell would have to freeze over for me to take one step toward this house.

I screamed when I heard someone tapping on the car window. I turned and saw Natsu standing there confused, "What are you doing Luce? Come on."

"I rather stay in here. It's more cozy in here." I said, rubbing my hands together.

"Are you scared or something?" He smirked.

"Absolutely not!" I crossed my arms, "the great and almighty Lucy Heartfilia does not get scared!"

"Oh really? Is that why you practically almost jumped out the window when I tapped on the glass."

"That doesn't count," I whispered.

"Come on Luce, I promise there's nothing to be afraid of." He opened the car door and stretched to the other side of me, unbuckling my seat belt, "don't worry, I got you." He grabbed my hand and led me out the car.

Goodness why can't he just let me have this! I don't want to go into the spooky building!

We walked up a steep hill with stone steps leading to the building. The more I closer we walked the more I noticed the well taken care of rose bushes, tulips, and my absolutely favorite flower in the world.


"Hey Natsu?" I whispered, gently squeezed his hand.

"What's up?" He whispered back.

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