Chapter 6

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"Wait up!"

The sound of Natsu's voice filled the halls as well as the sound of the falling papers that came from his hands, "Hey luce! Wait up!"

I sighed and turned around to see Natsu running down the hall with the biggest smile on his face. He looked like a big kid.

"Luce you have to help me put these posters up around the school."

"Natsu, class starts in five minutes."

"I know, but I got an ok from the principal to hang these up around the school. So come on!" He grabbed my arm, which made me jerk it back in pain.

He was suprised by my sudden actions, "I'm sorry, what's wrong with your arm?"

"I just hit it on something."

"Is it bad?" He took a step closer, trying to examine my arm closely.

I stepped back, "Didn't you want me to help you with some posters?"

He seemed dispaointed when i said that, "Oh right, lets go."

"So you can start hanging these up over there and I'll start over here." He gave me about a hundred papers to hang.

Manual labor...

Not my thing, especially in this cold weather.

"Why are you hanging so many up?"

"So I can get the word out. I want as many people as possible to come this Saturday." He stapled multiple sheets on the walls in about under three seconds.

I'm sorry, what does he need me for? Did you see how fast he stapled those papers?

"It seems like you got this covered. I'll just get going-"

"Please stay. I want to talk to you," he said, stapling papers without looking in my direction.

I sighed. I picked up a few papers and started stapling. For someone who just begged me to stay out here in this ridiculously cold weather, he could at least talk to me.

"Go with me this Saturday."


"Come one Luce it's been like three days. I haven't convinced you even a little to come with me?"

"Art isn't my thing. I don't understand it and I never will."

"Then I'll teach you."

I laughed, "how are you going to teach a person who doesn't even understand the concept of art in a couple of days?"

"It's going to be hard but I can try."

"Well I'm saving you alot of time, no thanks." I continued stapling papers.

"At least... think about it. I really want you to come."

"I-I-" My phone started buzzing. I looked down to see the notification that lit up my phone, "I'm sorry, I have to go. I'll see you later."

"Yeah, see you later."

I rushed down the hallway to the front office. I opened the door to the dreadful place I have to come to every Thursday.

"Good morning Ms. Heartfilia, she's waiting for you in her office."

I nodded and headed in the back where she was.

I knocked three times.

I heard a faint voice, "come in."

I opened the door. I sat in my usual spot next to her desk. I folded my arms and stared at her.

"It's good to see you again."

I didn't say a word. Not a sound left my mouth. I stared at her, glaring.

She clicked her pen and showed me that smile I found to be quite annoying, "So... Shall we begin?"

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