Chapter 14

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It's hard to believe that our school could have hosted this!

A glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, elegant music playing in the background, delicious food!

This place was beautiful!

"I can see that you like it," Natsu chuckled

"This is amazing! Did you plan all of this?"

"Yes I did, with a little help from the student body of course."

I gazed around the room, "Wow, you sure do have good taste."

"Hey Flamebrain!" I swear I could hear Natsu growl under his breath.

He turned and started walking toward a guy that looked about our age, "What do want ice princess?"

I giggled, "ice princess?"

"How many times do I have to remind you not to invite me to one of your stupid art shows?"

"Last time I checked, I didn't invite you! I think everyone here would have been better off if you stayed at home anyway!"

"What was that hot head?" Now they slammed their heads together.

"Umm, I think you guys should calm down-" I started, but they were to busy calling each other lame names to even notice.

"That's enough!" Erza ran over and slammed there heads together.

Shivers ran down my spine.

That's one strong woman.

"What have I told you two about arguing!" She picked them up by the collar of their shirt.

"Sorry, Erza." They both said rubbing their heads.

"This is the girl I was talking about." Well he recovered quickly, "Gray, this is Lucy."

"Oh, so you're that girl he keeps talking about," the other guy spoke up, while rubbing his head, "I gotta say Natsu, out of all the girls you've dated, she's the hottest." He winked at me.

Woah, wait a minute! Exactly how many girls did he date? These are the questions I need to know!

"Back off Gray," Natsu snarled.

"Or what?"

"You wanna go again ice breath?!"

"Any day fire breath!"

"Shut it!" Erza yelled causing us to get a few stares.

"Yes mam!" They both obeyed her like little puppies.


"Hey guys!" A group of people were rushing toward us, waving. I hid behind Natsu so I couldn't have an anxiety attack in the middle of the art show. Since I'm not really around large groups of people regularly, large groups tend to make me extremely nervous and go into "panic mode", as she likes to say.

"Hey! I'm glad you guys made it." Natsu moved away causing my protective shield to go away as well.

"Yeah, this place is beautiful. You really outdid yourself this time Natsu."

"Thanks, oh! This is the girl I was talking about." he grabbed my hand bringing me closer to him, "this is Lucy."

"Umm, H-Hi." I was trying to make sure they couldn't notice that I was about to have a breakdown at any moment now. This is really making me uncomfortable. Maybe I should just excuse myself-

"It's nice to meet you Lucy, my names Levy, Natsu has told us a lot about you, and I mean a lot."


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