Chapter 2

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I ran toward the same door hoping to catch up with the mystery person.

"Wait!" Before I could catch up with the person they shut the door behind themselves, "Dammit!"

I ran out the door, spraining my wrist in process. The person nor the color was insight. I cursed under my breath, I wasn't fast enough. But as I thought about it, it probably could have been just my imagination.

But, it felt so real.

Lunch time arrived.

Another time I dreaded. The perfect place for people to scope out other people to make fun of, but instead you can eat in the process. But before people can do that I always get to the cafeteria as fast as I can to get my lunch and head upstairs to the library. Even though there's no eating in the library, the librarian always let's me have a pass since we're cool like that.

I still don't know if that's a good thing. You know, being cool and having you're only friend be the librarian.

I greeted the librarian and headed toward my usual table, "I picked out some new books for you to read, I know you'll like them."

"Thanks Mrs. Hendrix." I walked to the table and saw a couple stacks of books just sitting there waiting for me to read them.

The first one was about a dragon, prince, and a knight. I love these kind of stories, I really do, but what if they switched it up a little by instead of the princess being saved by the Dragon, the princess saves the dragon from the knight. I don't know, it's just something that comes into my mind when reading these.

Another story is about the whole world living in a glass dome to keep out all the dust and pollution from the apocalypse that happened over a hundred years. There was no entrance or exit, but one day a dusty hand print was found not inside but outside the dome.

Interesting, I may have to take this book with me.

My mind couldn't focus on anything else except for what happened at gym today. If I had sat at the bleachers today I would have had a good view of them but no! I just had to go out there and run. See what happens when I go against fate.

Note to self don't move from the bleachers ever again.

But maybe it was fate that I didn't see them. But if what I saw was true and my eyes weren't playing a trick on me, then I have go see if I can find that person again.

The lunch bell rang and I barley put a dent into my food. I have to eat this now or I won't be able to eat until tomorrow. I stuffed it down and hurried to the cafeteria to put my tray back. I was looking down at my phone while trying to speed walk to the cafeteria so I wouldn't be late for my next class.

"Come on you stupid thing!" My phone is always going haywire. I needed to send a text to my mom so she won't forget to pick me up from school... again!

As I kept looking down at my phone it was like all my senses enhanced. I caught a whiff of something sweet and smokey with a hint of cinnamon in it too. I breathed it in. My mind went crazy from scent. My nose was tingling and sent chills throughout my body. I've never smelled something like this. It was like I needed more.

Like a drug.

I looked up only to see the same color as before walking around the corner. I rushed toward them attempting to get a closer look. I flew across the corner only to see the same thing as before...


How does someone walk so fast? I mean, it's literally impossible to walk down this hallway so fast. Maybe this person is apart of my imagination and I'm going insane. Yeah I think that's it.

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