Chapter 22

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"Luce, please tell me what's going on with you. You've been smiling ever since I found you in the hallway."

I smiled, "It's nothing Natsu, I promise. I'm just in a really good mood."

"Oh come on! Why won't you tell me?"

I laughed, "why do you want to know so badly?"

"Because you're my friend Luce. I want to know what makes you happy so at times when you're sad I can cheer you up."

I turned around in my seat, "that's really sweet Natsu," I smiled, "but if you must know, I made a new friend today."

He raised his brow, "Boy or girl?"

I chuckled, "What if I said it was a boy?"

"Then he would have to check with me first," Natsu nodded.

I laughed, "do I sense a hint of jealousy from Natsu Dragneel?"

He grabbed my chin, "of course Luce. You're mine and only mine."

I laughed pushing his hand away, "first of all I'm nobody's last time I checked and second it's a girl."

"Oh, well what's her name?"

"I think it was Éclair. We met in the bathroom earlier and we just talked. We're going to meet for pizza this weekend."

"Wait this weekend?" Natsu yelled, standing in his seat.

The whole class was looking at us at this point, "Yes this weekend. Sit down Natsu everyone's staring at us."

He grabbed his phone, "I'll be right back I have to make a call."

"O-Ok?" I said, watching him run out the room frantically, "What's his deal?" I felt a buzz in my pocket, making me stare down at my pants, "my phone?"

Who would text me?

I picked up my phone and saw the one person I never thought I would see text me.


I can still smell his scent from the other night. I smiled thinking about it. I opened his text...

"Can't wait for our date."

I gasped, "Oh crap!" I screamed.

Now the whole class was staring at me.

Oh my god I totally forgot about that! With the whole Natsu situation I totally blanked on it. I wonder if I should cancel? It wouldn't be right if I go with him while me and Natsu are y'know...

Having a thing.

But it would also be rude to cancel on him at the last minute.

Maybe I should just go. To get out the house and have fun with someone other than Natsu and my mom. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but change is nice.

So I texted him back...

"Me too :)"

I put my phone back in my pocket, "just friends," I repeated, "just friends."

I glanced up and saw Natsu smiling, wiping a bit of sweat off his forhead, "glad I could cancel that." He said.

"Cancel what?" I asked.

"Oh nothing just something I planned earlier."

"Well at least you can get your money back."

"Oh no that's gone," he smiled, "you can't get a refund but you can cancel free for anytime."

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