Chapter 17

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A day of shopping can really put stress on your bones.

I set my bags down on my bed. I looked on my phone and saw five messages from Natsu.

I called him.

"Luce! Finally! I thought you were dead!"

"I'm fine Natsu, I just went shopping with my mom." I yawned, "so what was so urgent that you had to call me about twenty times."

"Meet me outside of your house."

I sighed, "Natsu I'm really tired and I just got home, I really don't feel like going anywhere else..."

"Please I really want to show you this. I'll carry you out of your house if I have to."

"I guess you're going to have to come here and carry me." I hung up the phone, tossing it at the end of my bed. I wrapped the covers around me, ready to have the best nap of my life.

That is, until my mom called me.

"Lucy! Lucy!" She screamed.

I screamed in my pillow, and had a tantrum before responding to her, "Yes mom?"

"One of your friends is here to see you!"

"Natsu..." I growled under my breath. I threw off my covers and ran down the stairs with death in my eyes. I saw him sitting on the couch, talking with my mother and having a grand time.

He turned and instantly lit up when he saw me, "Hey Luce!"

"What are you doing here Natsu?" I said through gritted teeth.

"What? I'm just doing what you told me."

"And what would that be?"

"You told me the only way you're going is if I come here and carry you."

I can't believe this dense idiot took it seriously.

"No, Natsu. I'm going back to- hey!" I felt a pair of arms grab me and lift me off the ground. I turned to the culprit and saw Natsu grinning luke a huge idiot, "put me down Natsu! I'm sleepy!" I screamed, pounding on his chest.

He turned back to my mom, "don't worry Mrs. Heartfilia, I'll have her back by eight."

"No you won't!" I yelled, "put me down!" I continued banging oh is chest and head until he put me down.

Nothing worked. I think this man is made of steel.

Well either that or I'm just really wimpy.

Natsu closed the door behind him and carried me to his car. I finally gave up when he put me in the car and buckled me in. I crossed my arms, "at least tell me where we are going."

"It's a Suprise," he winked, "and I know how much you love suprises."

I hate suprises.

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