Black Rose {Chapter 1} The Beginning

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Black Rose

Wendy Jimenez

Adela Corvinus

The tires screech as the Lexus takes a quick turn. It almost swerves out of control, but Ivan steadies it. He looks calm, compared to mom's trembling hands.

She claims it's nothing, just a little adrenaline at my first hunt. I know she's lying though. It's a stupid ritual adults seem to have, where they have to "reassure" people to believe things themselves. It's stupid, idiotic, and moronic, which all mean pretty much the same thing, but I like to show off my vast knowledge.

Anyway, the reason mom's so stiff is because it's the first time we leave Ian home alone, in forever, and she's worried his little attitude problem might tear up the house while we're gone.

I don't worry, though, because I trust him. See, as little kids, mom and dad constantly left us home alone, going on hunts. At first, I didn't know weather they sickened me for hunting vampires, something their own son is, or disappointed me for leaving us alone to defend ourselves. But what I did know, was they couldn't be related to me by blood.

Not even Ian. They all had gem green eyes, like emeralds, and a golden mane, beautiful as the sun.

I, on the other hand, had crows hair, short and black, with crimson eyes. And because this color was unnatural for a human, I had to always wear shades dark enough to cover the red.

My parents said it was gift to me, a sign I should become a hunter. What kind of gift is that? And how does it signify that I am meant to be a hunter? They told me it would help blend with the hunt.

They thought it was a gift; I knew it was a curse. It branded me a freak at school, made everyone back away as I passed them. It made me stronger.

"Adela?" I look up. Ivan's stopped looking at the street, and has turned his whole attention to me. I question him with my eyes, the shades finally off. "I just want you to know, if anything scares you, you can run away. This isn't an obligation."

Anger wells up inside me. He thinks I can't handle myself, now does he. After all the training, the fights with Ian, everything I've ever done, he questions my sanity?

There's a strange twinge in the back of my eye, and I realize we're sitting ducks. "You idiot!" I shout, but it's too late. I watch the disaster unfold before me.

Ivan turns around in shock, wonder sort of flashing in his eyes. A scream escapes mom's lips, pure terror in the single note. There's a demon ahead. The one we were supposed to be hunting.

Moron's, I think. Can't even keep calm when facing the enemy. So much for being the best hunters ever. You guys suck.

I look out the window calmly, and stare straight into the demon's eyes as the car begins to swerve left, then right towards the bridges ledge. My mom screams even louder, and I can't help but yell at her, "For gods sake, will you just shut up and calm down!" she doesn't even seem to hear me.

I turn back to the demon. He smiles devilishly, and suddenly I'm thrown out of the car, onto the cold asphalt. Rain mercilessly pours down hard on me, freezing my small body instantly. Shivers run through me, and I sneeze. Ew.

Then I hear it. The sound of metal hitting metal, and then BANG, CRASH, something breaks. I look past the rain, squinting hard, just to watch the car slide right off the bridge, and fly for about to seconds, before diving head in the forest.

I can still hear mom screaming. And now dad's screaming to, but they don't even seem to realize I'm not with them. I'm not going to die like them. I watch, and wait for tears to arrive, but no, it doesn't happen. I'm frozen, completely shocked.

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