Chapter 8

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Donica's POV;


I felt myself ask but at the same time wasn't sure if it was even my own voice.

Cameron likes me?

The Cameron Dallas?

The one who's made it his mission to make my life shit?

The one who bullied me ever since I first got here?

This can't be true he's gotta be playing one of his stupid pranks

I stare at him wide eyed and mouth hanging wide open not sure if he's telling the truth or not

"Well Donica say something"
Cameron urges me on

I slowly look around the class to see that they are just as shocked as me by Cameron's confession even the teacher doesn't know what to say and is just standing their akwardly looking at the scene unfold

I turn my attention to a nervous looking Cameron again

"I-I gotta go"

I run out the class before he even has a chance to say anything and go into the bathroom

"What is going on" I ask my reflection

The only emotion going through me is shock

I look down at my clammy hands only to see their shaking uncontrollably and I can feel a bead of sweat in my forehead yet at the same time I feel cold.

I splash some warm water in my face and walk out the bathroom heading from the front door ready to just call it a day and go home when I hear my name

"Donica! Wait"

Shit why does it always have to be Cameron

I turn to face him slowly

"I-im really busy I need to go"

I reach for the handle again


He stops me once more

"Why did you run out the classroom? Did I do something wrong!"

That pissed me of

"Oh no! Cameron you did nothing wrong everything is just fine considering the fact you caused me years of pain and scars and now did this little joke of a confession that frankly I don't find very amusing!"
I yell at him while jabbing my finger into his chest all while he's slowly backing up with his hands raised

"I've already told you i've changed! Now please just talk to me! I really
meant every word in there!"

"Oh please you know there's no one around here right? you can drop this stupid act now cause your not fooling anyone anymore especially not me im done being the stupid naive little girl!"

And with that I turned away from a shocked looking Cameron and left home.

I went up the stairs to my room suddenly feeling very exhausted and craving the feeling of my bed.

I push open my door and plop down on my soft bed and before I knew it I fell into a dreamless sleep....



I check my phone and see it 11:20am

I've only been asleep for an hour? felt longer

Now what woke me up again?

As soon as that thought came into my mind I was reminded by a


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