"Sad Story"

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(Thats the actual phone that had to suffer)

Ok yall this isnt an update but just the story of the tragic accident my phone was in.
It was just a normal day in chemistry class on the last week of school ya know i was in the back with my headphones on getting lit but then i realized i hadnt even done the work sheet in class and everyone and I mean EVERYONE was done with the work sheet so i couldnt even copy! So i got up from my desk and i asked the teacher for help and in the middle of her talking i hear a huge BANG! And the whole class gets quiet and we all turn to look at what happend but in my head im all like "thank the all mighty lord for letting my teacher stop this little tutoring session here" but then i see what the noise was and it was this dumb ass kid in my class picking up a green iphone 5c cause he had just trown it across the classroom! and im all like "hey that person Has the same phone as me! I feel bad for who evers phone that is!" but then my stupid ass realized the terrible truth and im all like looking trought my pockets and shit and then i find my hoodie pocket has a hole in it so my phone must of fallen out of my pocket when i got up from my desk! And i start feaking out but quietly so nobody knows thats my phone yet and the teacher is like " why did you just throw that phone!" and this dumb ass says "nah miss dont worry i found it i think the owner dint want it anymore" and thats when im like "THATS MY FUCKING PHONE YOU DUMB ASS!" and im legit about to attack him cause im holding onto the desk so hard and i feel soooo mad and im shaking! its like the only thing i can focus on is beating the shit out of him but i controlled myself since i had just gotten accepted into the cosmetology program at my school for next year and if i did anything bad i would get kicked out of it and makeup is a serious passion of mine so no thank you! But anyways he looks at me and is like " ooooohhh i thought someone left it cause they dint want it anymore sorry" and i get mad all over again and im yelling at him saying "SO WHAT DID YOU THINK THROWING IT WAS GUNNA FUCKING DO! WHAT DID YOU WANT IT TO DO BLOW UP INTO FIREWORKS!!!!" and the teacher tell him to step outside and while shes outside talking to him someone hands me my phone and yall i lowkey wanted to cry cause the whole screen was shattered and it got these weird lines on it and it was glitching like crazy and clicking random things by itself. The teacher then comes in and is like "kylie come outside" so i do and as soon as i see him im like "why the fuck would you throw it!" and he just looks at me and says sorry but i can tell it was fake and so can my teacher cause she then says "ok i guess we can all agree that hes a dumb ass" and im like " couldnt have said it better myself" she then start explaining what he needs to do and to apologize to me so he does and then shes like now give her a hug and this motherfucker actually went in for it but I stop him by saying "dont fucking touch me!" and im sooo lucky that the bell rings at that time so i go in the class again and grab my stuff and leave and honestly i dint wanna spend the rest of the day there anymore so i got into my car and drove home where I told my mom the story and she was like "why dint you beat him up! I thought you how to fight already! you should of called me to do it for you!" and i was like umm but mother how was i even going to call you if my phone getting destroyed was the reason all this happend tf. The next day my dad went to go talk to the office and he told them the story and showed them the phone and then they said "ok we'll call them into the office tomorrow" but these fuckers never did! so i now have a crappy android phone until christmas and yall the worst part was i bought and was paying the iPhone with my own money i was working at taco bell for it! Ughhh worst day of my life to and since im an extremly shy person when i was yelling at the guy in class for doing this everyone started looking at me i felt so embarrassed i started feeling dizzy from all the attencion i was getting. Anyways I just talked longer than i was supposed to so if you actually read this whole thing i praise you. Bye! <3

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