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Donica's POV:

"Hey will you quit that!"

I annoyingly tell Cameron while reaching around him trying to take back the remote again

"Nope my turn to choose the movie, you already chose last time"

I fall back into my spot on the couch while crossing my arms over my chest and huf in annoyance, admitting defeat.

Yeah Cameron and I have now been together for almost 3 years now and are now living together and happily engaged!

Yup we're having a summer wedding! Perfect because I will be able to fit into my dress

Oh Yeah, no big deal but did I mention I'm 7 months pregnant?!?

Yup..ITS A GIRL!!!

Other news is my cutting is no more!
the scars are still there and always will be there but know they are just a distant memory and that's what they will always be now
A memory.

I have now been clean since that last trip to the hospital all thanks to Cameron for always sticking by me and never letting me feel alone.

"Oh this one!"

Cameron happily shouts and bounces up like a little kid all while clicking CoCo

I look away from the screen to look at a excited Cameron

"And you're going to be a dad?"
I jokingly tell him

He pretends to be offended

"Yes! And be the best dad yet because no one is going to hurt my little girl!"
He says while rubbing my stomach and lowering his head to it
"Because I will always be here to protect and love her just like I do with her momma"
He whispers

I smile at the sight of this.

"And she won't fail any of her classes Like somebody I know"

I point out since we failed that stupid English project all because we never did finish it
but hey can you blame us we were to busy falling in love!

"Im so glad we were assigned that project even if we did fail it because of it I got to finally talk to you and make you mine"

Cameron says while kissing my hand

"You made my life hell at first with your little friends but if that's what I had to go through to be with you I will gladly do it again"

My smile quickly fades

"That's a lie it was pure hell but I still don't regret meeting you!"
I say while giggling

"Hey OUR little friends"

Oh Yeah that to, the boys and I are still amazing friends to this day and are still fighting over who gets to be The Godfather for the baby or who gets to be the best man at the wedding.

They're insane but their the best of friend A girl could ask for.

"Oh be quiet, I just can't believe how crazy our life used to be at that time"
I mention

"I know, I know but hey it's a crazy beginning to even crazier love story"
Cameron says while reaching out to my face

"Yeah who would of though I would of fell in love with my bully"

Our lips met.

The. End.
Wow that.just.happened. Yup it took me 2 years to finish this silly little story and I wanted to make it longer I swear but my writers block was at its worse and it just seemed like a good spot to end it at so forgive me if their is any spots I forgot to cover.
Well guys I guess this is it it's been one hell of a ride but I did it I finally finished it and I may or may not be adding extra chapter here and there in between just in case I get any more ideas but who knows with me
Well I guess this is goodbye for now. Peace
~Kylie <3

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