Chapter 10

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Donita's POV:


What is that annoying beeping noise? What's on my arms?

I slowly start to open my eyes but I immediately shut them close again after seeing the brightest white light I've ever seen.

I try again and this time I succeed, my vision being a little blurry at the same time

Where am I? Did I die? Is this heaven? Or hell!?

It takes about 2 minutes for my vision to became slightly clear again and for me to fully see where I am.

What? Am I in... a hospital?

I try to sit up but the strong ache in my body forces me back down
My throat and lips feels so dry it almost feels like I swallowed sandpaper

I mumble a quiet " I'm so thirsty" and a nurse who I hadn't noticed in the corner of the room checking pill bottles comes running in my direction

"Oh my you're awake! Gave us quite a scare there!"
The nurse says while handing me a cup of water

I gladly take it and start chugging it down, I feel so much better after that but I slowly start to feel all the tubes In my arms
"Why am I here? What happened?" I ask while lifting my arms up and my memory still foggy

"Honey don't you remember? Your in the hospital for an attempted suicide, lucky for you your mom found you just in time, 5 minutes later and you would have been dead"

The nurse explains to me so nonchalantly

Attempted suicide? For what?

Then just like that it all came back to me.

Cameron kissed me, Cameron and I kissed.

I kicked him out and lied to him about
feeling anything

Oh the disappointment in his eyes, wish I never remembered that part

The cuts that followed after he left...

I look down at my arms to clearly see them all stitched and bandaged up with the multiple IV I felt a few moments before

I look up at the nurse who is looking at me in confusion probably wondering why my face was changing like that of an emoji keyboard

"How long have I been asleep for?"
I ask curiously

"Oh honey you've been out for 4 days"

4 days! Feels like everything happened just yesterday

"So I've been alone here for 4 days?"
I ask

The nurse starts to laugh like I just told the funnies joke ever

"Alone isn't the word I would use to describe"
The nurse says in between chuckles

"What do you mean"

"Well for the past 4 days a boy named Cameron has been in here just waiting for you to wake up"

Cameron? But why him

"Huh? Are you sure nurse uhh.."
Crap how do I not know her name

"Nurse Emma, and yes I'm very sure, positive even, in fact we just kicked him out this morning we were worried if he didn't go home soon he was gonna end up being a patient here for lack of sleep nice boyfriend you have there, cute to"
The nurse said while winking at me

"Oh no he's um not my boyfriend trust me on that"
I nervously answer

"Oh is that what you kids are calling it these days haha if I where you I'd call your not boyfriend and tell him you're ok"

"Oh you know if I had my phone I would but I don't so I guess it's going to have to wait hehe"
I said trying to think of excuses on why I can't call him

"Oh don't worry sweetie it's right here! Your welcome!"

She hands me a bag with my belongings in it

"Oh um yippie"

"I'll give you some privacy, I should go tell the doctor you're up now you should be released tomorrow"

"Ok thank you I guess"
I say quietly

I look at my phone the cool glass pressing against my palm, I turn it over and press the home button causing the whole screen to light up

oh look no new notifications what a surprise, sarcasm included

I click the contact icon and find Cameron's name I click it and just stare at his number for the longest, I raise a shaky finger to it and slowly press it

Shakily I raise the phone up to my ear the ringing sounding like a volcano exploding in my ear

It rings 3 times until I hear a click and a tired confused "Hello?"

My mouth feels like there's cotton stuffed in my troath, so dry

"Hello? Anybody there"

I muster up all the strength I have to say one simple name


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