Chapter 1

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Hi my name is Donica Rose I'm currently a junior at Mendley High School and I'm 17 years old I have hazel eyes and brown hair and I'm 5'3.

I may look happy but behind that smile there's pain because unfortunately I'm bullied by the most popular guy in school:

Cameron Dallas and his gang Nash Grier,Matthew Espinoza, and Taylor Caniff

Together they make my school year a living hell which they find some sick kind of pleasure in doing.

I also have another secret,

I cut my wrist and suffer with depression.

It started when the bullying started which was last year of sophomore year when I was a new girl after my parents had gotten a job that involved us leaving my hometown of Michigan and moving to Chino Hills and my life was changed forever.

I still remember the first time Cameron bullied me,

I was new and was trying to find my class and out of nowhere someone pushed me against the lockers and when I turn around to see who it was I was met with some mesmerizing brown eyes looking into my blue ones.

I slowly get up giving me a clear view behind him

3 other guys are laughing at what this boy has done until he finally spoke saying

"Stupid new girl"

and walks off leaving his gang to push me around until I fall to the floor again crying that's when they finally leave me alone, walking off laughing and high fiving each other while im laying on the cold floor wishing I could go back home and leave this stupid hell.

To make this situation worse I walk into my first class to see I have all 4 of these idiotic boys in my class

I let out a small sigh and walk to the back of the class and they all follow me to the back and sit behind me.

Through out the whole class I was called more names than I have ever heard in my life but I tried to be strong and held in the tears until class was over where I cried for the second time that day.

Well I guess you can say my life isn't normal.


Hey guys sorry this chapter is so small but I promise the other ones will be longer this is also my first story so feel free to point out any mistakes <3
-Kylie (yes that's my actual name and no I'm not Kylie Jenner though I wish cause she's queen)

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