Chapter 7

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Donica's POV;

Its been 2 days since the cafeteria incident

2 days since I was embarrassed in front of the whole school.

2 days since I was laughed at.

2 days since I last saw Cameron...

I haven't gone to back to school in 2 days but now I have no choice but to get up and face everyone else again since my mom stopped believing my "I'm feeling sick" excuse.

I groan loudly to myself and force myself out of bed.

I start to get ready slowly as I start to think of what my school peers are going to think when they see me walk in through those doors of that horrible school.

Before I know it 10 minutes have passed and im still in the process of brushing my hair

"Ok ok enough stalling you can do this"

I say to my reflection while taking a deep breath

I put down the brush and get dressed quickly

I get out the house with one shoe on and the other one in my hand and drive of

The school honestly couldn't have been closer as im there before I even know it.

I sigh

"Just breathe"

I say to myself and just breathe I do as I take a deep breath and get out my parked car.

I slowly walk to the entrance with each step making my stomach feel more and more queasy.

I could almost hear the whispering and giggling now as I slowly reach for the school's door handle and swing it open

Quiet. Almost too quiet

Its all I hear as I walk to my locker the only thing I can hear is my shoes squeaking again the floor and the occasional cough from the small portion of people in the hallway who to my surprise aren't even looking at me almost as if there trying really hard to avoided me...

Ok this is weird and slightly creepy, I open my locker and start to get my things out when I suddenly jump at the sound of someone clearing their throat

I look up and see the one person who I wish would avoid me


I roll my eyes and turn to walk away, I really don't have time for this.

"Wait!" says Cameron while grabbing onto my arm

"I need to talk to you first" he pleads

I look at the desperation look on his face which convinces me to hear what he's gotta say

I cross my arms while releasing an annoyed huff

I'm probably gonna regret this

"You have 5 minutes go" I answer

"Ok, um now your probably wondering why everyone is avoiding you and well I kinda sorta threaten them, well not really threatened them more like confronted them and well...

Wait he did what now?

"And I just wanted you to be safe and.."

Ok now hes just rambling on


"And everyone here listens to me..."


"And you just looked so sad when that happened and..."

"Cameron!" I shout

He looks startled

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