Chapter 12

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~Donica's POV~

Did he just say what I think he said?
It must be the meds cause I swear I thought I heard my bully say to be his for a minute there which will be totally and completely imposs-

"Donica Please. Be. Mine"


Not the meds I heard right

My bully Cameron Dallas just asked me to be his and I know I shouldn't be feeling like this but I'm

So happy and for once it's a real happiness that I don't have to fake.

I should probably stop staring and answer him

"C-Cameron are you being serious? I don't know if you can tell but I'm kind of messed up and broken in many ways"
I said while holding up my wrist to him

"Once you're with me you never know what could happen
Im like a ticking time bomb
I could go off any minute, are you sure you want to put up with that?"

He stared at me intently but I never once saw that spark leave his eyes

Never once saw doubt nor confusion

Just love.

"Donica this past week has been the worst, you have no idea the amount of pain I was in when I though I lost you forever,
yes, I know how you are but if that's what it means to be with you then just know when you do go of I will ALWAYS be there to hold you in my arms and to reassure you that you are ok because we will get through those moments TOGETHER  because I've already seen the worst in you and I'm still here and through out this whole time my love for you had not stop growing even more
I hope that proves to you I'm in it for the long run!"

With tears streaming down my face I grab his face and pull it towards mine

Our lips meet in a flurry of fireworks and explosions like I never felt before because this kiss was different

It was full of true love we both felt for one another and we both knew it

Our lips moved in synch with each other's never once stopping for air until I finally pulled away

Pressing our foreheads together looking deep into each other's eyes

The silence that surrounded us was way more different than any other silence I've ever experienced.

We sat there staring at each other for what felt like hours when it was only a couple of minutes until a nurse walked in

"Ms.Ros- Oh!
Nurse Emma walks in her surprised face slowly turning to that of amusement with her hands moving to her hips

"You know you make it really hard to believe he's not your boyfriend but ok whatever you say"
The nurse said while looking back and forth between us with a amused grin on her face

My head immediately snaps to Cameron who looks confused yet amused

"Ohh um yeah about that haha...long story do I have any more medicine I need to take?"
I say flustered while quickly trying to change the subject

"No dear I'm here to inform you that you will be released today to go home!, now I will just need to wheel you down to fill out some paperwork so you can be all set"

Finally I'll be out of here! I miss my bed.

The nurse and Cameron both help me get down from my bed into the wheelchair Cameron insisting on wheeling me down

"I'm sorry sir but only patients are allowed in there but she will be out before you know it"

And with that Cameron let's go and the nurse starts to wheel me down the long brightly lit hallway

I ride in silence with only the squeaking of the wheels being heard

"Wait! Donica you never gave me your answer!"

A out of breath Cameron says stopping in front of me and making my nurse stop all together in her tracks

"Yes, Cameron

And with that I leave a grinning Cameron in the middle of the hallway

Once of wheeled out of sight I hear a massive

Being shouted thought the whole floor while a smile slowly spreads through my face.

I let out a laugh at what Nurse Emma says next

"Kids these days"
I'm back!!! Guys I know I always have to apologize after every chapter but again sorry! But I finally graduated high school!! Yay! And not only that I got my cosmetology license!! So that means no more school for em and hello Ulta Which is now where I'm working! Honestly guys it's amazing but it's crazy how I haven't even finished this story so I will vow to you guys that I WILL finish this story this summer I must! Don't forget that and thanks to the people that still read this story even though I take massive breaks trough out! Y'all are amazing!
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