Chapter 2

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Donica's POV:


I slowly opened my eyes and fumbled around trying to find my iPhone to turn of that stupid sound called the alarm.

It was exactly 6:00am so that meant I had enough time to take a shower.

I got up and slowly walked to the bathroom dreading today since it was Monday, the worst day of the week.

I walked in and took of my clothes and tried really hard, and I mean really hard not to fall asleep in the shower and after a few moments of stumbling in a dream like state while also trying not to slip on the wet surface I succeeded on not falling asleep and most than likely knocking myself out.

Once I was done I found my outfit which was a white crop top, black joggers, a brown cardigan, and some white vans.

I was feeling very lazy today so I just put on some waterproof mascara which I know is going to come very handy and I left my hair natural since it looked like soft beach waves.

I went downstairs and found my parents already eating breakfast

I said good morning and good bye to the both of them while they grumbled a response like every morning

Wow love y'all too.

I grabbed my coffee and car keys and drove to the hell they call school.

I got there early and decided to make a run for my locker and grab my stuff quick before Cameron and his gang got there.

I fumbled around with my lock trying to open it as quick as I can when I hear those dreadful words

"Hey slut"

I felt a sharp pain in the side of my cheek which caused me to fall to the ground holding the right side of my face. I look up and see Cameron smirking at me

"look at the bitch on the floor trying not to cry"

said Matt and it was true I felt tears pooling in my eyes but I looked down before they can see anything and saw that my sleeves had rolled up I quickly pulled them down before they saw the trail of never ending scars on my arm which fortunately for me they didn't.

I slowly rose up and opened my locker hoping that was the end for now but of course I'm me and they hate me so there I stood grabbing my stuff while feeling their eyes burning holes into my back.

I got my stuff quick and before I could leave Taylor pushed me in a swift motion causing my stuff to go flying everywhere and me falling hard on my knees.

I slowly started to get up when I felt the kick to my stomach

I felt my eyes bulged out my skull all while feeling all the air whoosh out of me I looked up to see them all laughing except Cameron, who had a serious look on his face and I think I saw a little tinge of regret in his eyes but then I remember it's Cameron why would he feel regret he doesn't care about anyone but himself

When he saw me look up at him he looked away and left without saying another word.

The rest of the guys kicked me one last time and left leaving me to get up by myself.

I went into the girls restroom and let the tears spill out in loud cries and before I knew it my eyes had gotten red and puffy luckily it was still early so nobody was in there.

I lifted up my shirt and let out a gasp as I saw a purplish and greenish bruise staring to form on my stomach. I winced as I touched it and I stared thinking of the pain I had to endure this morning and first period still hadn't even stared.

I took out my razor from my bag and stared at it for a minute before I pressed the cool metal on my warm skin and pressed down until a trickle of blood appeared.

I did this about four more times not even sure how deep I was going because I felt nothing...

I never felt anything when I did it and that was the problem because I wanted to feel it all to forget the actual pain that was causing me to do this to myself.

I slowly cleaned up my arms and pulled my cardigan down lower and left the bathroom to walk to my first period class which was English, which unfortunately I had Cameron,Nash, and Matt so the torture wasn't over yet.
I walked into class late and saw the only seat left was in between Nash and Cameron with Matthew in the back, I sighed to myself and went to sit down.

I had only been sitting down for only 3 minutes when I felt a sharp pain on my back, I made a sharp whincing noise which made the whole class look at me and the teacher ask

"Donica is there a problem",

"No Ms.Miller I just hit my elbow, sorry"

I answered,  she gave me a stern look before returning her attention back to the board and I reached my hand behind under my shirt to my back to feel some wetness.

I took out my hand and saw a dot of blood in my finger and when I turned around I saw Matt holding up his mechanical pencil trying to hide a laugh.

That son of a bitch stabbed me in the back with it, and it was starting to burn.

I sucked it up and waited for the never ending hour of paper balls being thrown at me, kicks to the legs and more stabs to the back to finish and as soon as the bell rang I ran out hoping they won't catch up to me but since my life sucks I wasn't watching where I was going and I ran straight into someone and fell down and when I looked up my eyes grew wide in fear as I saw who I bumped into.



Hey guys I hope y'all are enjoying the story I will make sure to update more frequently. I am currently typing this with a pore strip on my nose which I was only suppose to leave for 15 minutes but I'm pretty sure I went above the time limit. Well See ya later
~Kylie <3

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