An explanation

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So um hey i guess you can say it's been a while right we'll I guess I should start of by saying I'm sorry I haven't uploaded it's been a crazy life for me so far and let me just say it's not that I din't want to update its just things happened that Made it impossible for me to. Let's start of from the beginning when I was diagnosed with depression and had to have therapy after school and do all these exercises to help me and I was just finishing up junior year which was also the most stressful year ever it was work after work. I told myself I was going to update during the summer but sadly on June 18,2017 on Father's Day we lost my beautiful grandfather it was honestly the worst day of my life I really dint have the energy to do anything but to cry, after he died the next week was his funeral and right after his funeral all my family hoped onto a bus and went to Mexico to bury him there as he always wanted to be buried in his hometown we stayed there all summer and had to come back when school was starting. Well I now started my senior year of high school and let me tell you it is stressful especially with my cosmotology test coming up to became licensed I'm just really trying to graduate and with all these college application and trying to keep my gpa up and I got a part time job at raising canes there is to much on my plate but I will start updating again I can't promise you guys an update
weekly but can update when ever I have a day off. Again I'm sorry I've been away but let's all hope I can slowly patch this up.

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