Chapter 11

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*Cameron's POV*

I-I'm dreaming I know I am

Damn I knew I was sleep deprived but I didn't think it was this bad because for a second there I though for sure I was on the phone with a now woken up Donica

I was about to start laughing to myself when I hear a raspy soft


My eyes get huge and I immediately sit up

"Donica hey! Is it really you! Are you ok are you hurting anywhere?"

I ramble on

"Cameron calm down yes I'm ok"

I can almost hear her smile spreading across her beautiful face

"Ok good don't worry I'll be there as soon as I can!"

I say into the phone while putting on my pants at the same time almost tripping in the process

"Oh you don't need to do that Cameron I'm perfectly fine really"

"I know I don't need to Donica, I WANT to"

With that I hung up and raced downstairs and out the door as quick as I could

I got in my car and drove a little recklessly, I couldn't help it I was finally about to see the love of my life awake after 4 excruciating long days

Just the thought made me even more excited as I started to daydream our meeting

I almost didn't hear the loud HONK coming from my right side until it was almost to late

I slammed on my brakes and saw a huge truck come roaring past me with a very angry driver inside giving me the finger

But I couldn't care less I was about to see my Donica.

I parked my car and raced inside quickly and got in the elevator quickly pressing the same button I have been pressing every time I came for the last 4 days

I stepped out the elevator and started fast walking to her room at the end of the hall almost barging into a couple patients and nurses on the way

I saw the oh so familiar door with the familiar name I have seen for the past week

"Donica Rose"

I held my breath as I slowly opened the creaky door

There she was, beautiful as ever with that mesmerizing glow around her

She slowly looked up at me guilt in her eyes as they started to fill up with tears

"Cameron I'm so sorry"
She said as a tear slid down her cheek

I ran to her and held her hand in mine

"Hey there is nothing you should be sorry about"
I said while slowly starting to stroke her cheek

She suddenly pushes me away causing me to back up

I feel my face slowly turn to confusion

"No, no I should be apologizing! I'm sorry for lying to you Cameron ok!
I'm sorry for coming into your life,
I'm sorry for being an easy target for you, I'm sorry I caused you all this pain
And I'm so sorry for not being able to hate you no matter how hard I tried for the reason that I'm completely and utterly in love with you Cameron!"

My eyes widen while I gasped

She said it...

Donica Rose loves me

A long pause follows before I'm finally able to ask her what I've always wanted to since I first laid eyes on her

"Donica...please be mine"

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