Chapter 3

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Donicas POV:

"I-Im sorry Cameron  I didn't see you th-"

"Just shut up!"

I flinched.

"You know I was gunna go easy on you today but now I don't think I am"

he smirked at that last part while I had a pleading look which did not seem to faze him at all.

"Please Cameron I'm sorry I didn't mean to!"

I begged him, by this point the halls where empty and we where the only ones alone in the hallway.

"You see Donica I don't care for your excuses"

I then felt his fist collide with my face over and over again I felt kicks on my body and I felt so many bruises and blood on me, he spit on me one last time before leaving me there.

I laid there for about 5 minutes just feeling the cool tile of the floor against my bruised cheek

Finally the pain became bearable enough for me to slowly stand up groaning in pain while I did so.

I laid a hand on my lower back just feeling everything else slowly throbbing in pain feeling the first stages of bruising and started slowly walking down the quiet empty hall.

Instead of making my way to class I made my way to the bathroom which lucky for me was empty probably because class had already stared 20 minutes ago.

I looked at my reflection and saw my tear stained face looking back in pain

Why me?

I reached into my bag and took out my razor, sobs slowly escaping from me while doing so.

I sliced my wrist 6 times my vision blurry as low sobs excepted past my mouth until I felt no more tears in me anymore that's when I finally looked at myself

I thought I was out of tears but as soon as I saw my black eye and busted lip and bloodied nose the tears came out all over again.

I cleaned up my wrist and face and decided it was better if I just went home for the day I knew my parents were at work anyways so I tried to walk out the front doors of the school as normally as I could but that was impossible without me limping and wincing in pain.

I finally made it home, ran straight to my room and sobbed as loud as I could into my pillow.

"Why does god hate me, why does Cameron hate me?, what did I do to deserve this?"

I had all these question running through my mind while crying into my pillow until I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up when my alarm for school stared ringing.

Even though I had sleep a whole day I still felt restless my fear and anxiety making it hard to get any type of good sleep

I look in the mirror and see my bruises are still there but nothing a little makeup can't cover.

I did my morning routine and changed into leggings with a oversized sweater and my brown heeled boots, applied some foundation to cover up the bruises, some mascara and left my hair in waves because even though I was in pain I could still try to look cute.

I stared at my reflection and forced a smile on my face

My smile told a story but my eyes held a different one so watery and full of sadness and confusion.

I hated it.

I walked to school with my head down and as soon as I walked in he was standing there with his gang waiting for me.

I abruptly stopped and turned my head quickly side to side trying to find a different way in but it was too late they had already spotted me

I sighed and lowered my head avoiding eye contact and try to speed walk past them un-noticed but obviously I failed.

"Hey there's the ugly bitch!"

"Where you going,why you waking so fast"
I heard Nash say

I pick up the pace but they grab me by the shoulders and do there usual routine but this time Cameron just stands there and watches me with a look of hurt but as soon as he catches me looking at him he changes it into his normal hatred look.

Out of instinct I raise up my arms to cover my face and for a few seconds it's pain over and over again until I feel the fresh morning air on my arms

I feel the punches suddenly stop causing me to slowly open my eyes and  I see there facial expressions are nothing but shocked while looking at one thing.

My exposed wrist and my cardigan down to my elbows.

I let out a small gasp, quickly pull down my sleeves, get up quickly and run off and far as I can to class while trying to process what to think.

They just saw my most hidden secret.

I keep my head down until the teacher starts talking, by this time the boys are in class now listening to the teacher for the first time instead of hurting me.

"Ok class today I would be choosing your partner for your English assignment that's due by the end of the month so here are your partners.

"Nash and Olivia,
Taylor and Becca,
Matthew and Sydney,

Cameron and Donica"

I felt my heart stop and I immediately break out into a cold sweat I turn my head slowly to look at Cameron who's already looking at me.

He gives a small smile and I give him a confused look and turn my head right back to the teacher whom I lost all my concentration on.

Why would Cameron smile at me? Is he high or something? I just shut it off thinking he was smiling at someone else because c'mon Cameron smiling at me? Ha! Crazy

I do know one thing for sure and that is  I really don't wanna work with him.

This is going to be hell.


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