Chapter 4

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Camerons POV: (finally yall)

"Class dismissed"

Ms.Miller bellowed out

I got up and walked out and started taking the short journey to my next class when I felt a small figure collied with me and saw the big blue eyes of a horrified girl.


The girl I've been in love with since she walked through those school doors.

Everything about her is just so perfect,her eyes, her face, her rare smile.

Shes so perfect but I can't let her or anyone else know that or I will lose my popularity status and every one of my friends.

I didn't mean to start bullying her this bad it just got out hand but that day when she first walked into our small school and into our life's I immediately saw how every guy stared at her like she was prey
They wanted her

Even my friends knew she was beautiful and I could see their eyes darken with lust

"Stop staring at her guys it's creepy"
I said to them while feeling jealousy boiling up inside me

Wait why am I feeling jealous I barely know the girl

"Aww does Cameron already have feeling for the new girl
The guys teased

"Ha no how could I? She's nothing to me"
I respond smugly while crossing my arms over my chest

"Ok then prove it"
Says Matt

They guys all look at each other and smile a mischievous smile while they all come up with a plan

That's when they dared me to push her into the lockers

I looked at them in confusion and started to feel the rage come up on me  for even thinking of doing something like that

"Yeah, yeah should of known you couldn't do it"
Nash responded

"Damn Cam didn't know you were that weak"
Taylor said with a smirk

The guys started walking away and on that moment I did the stupidest decision I've been done in my life..

I saw her getting closer to me and right when she was so close to me I could smell her citrus body spray I pushed her against the lockers

Her small body hitting the metal lockers hard and her body slumping down immediately all while I felt the immediate regret fill up inside of me

The guys immediately turned around again after hearing the crash and whimper and quickly came back

"I knew you could do it Cam"
Said Matthew with a smile

"Ok maybe we were wrong about you"
Followed up Nash while crossing him arms in front of him

The guys looked down at the trembling girl on the verge of tears and gave her a smirk

"Watch out new girl"
Taylor said

She started to get up and Matt gave her another hard shove

She yelped at the sudden reaction but ran off and left us there

The way they praised me after I followed up on the dare felt amazing

I felt on top of the world yet I couldn't help feeling the regret I felt for the way I treated that unknown beautiful girl.

I know I can't have her and I never will.

I blew that chance when I choose popularity instead of getting to know her

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