Chapter 4

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Camerons POV: (finally yall)

"Class dismissed"

Ms.Miller bellowed out

I got up and walked out and started taking the short journey to my next class when I felt a small figure collied with me and saw the big blue eyes of a horrified girl.


The girl i've been in love with since she walked through those school doors.

Everything about her is just so perfect,her eyes, her face, her rare smile.

Shes so perfect but I can't let her or anyone else know that or I will lose my popularity status and every one of my friends.

I didn't mean to start bullying her this bad it just got out hand but that day when she came my friends dared me to push her into the lockers and the way they praised me after that happend felt amazing I felt on top of the world yet I couldn't help feeling the regret I felt for the way I treated that unknown beautiful girl.

I know I can't have her and I never will.

I blew that chance when I choose popularity instead of getting to know her

I snap out of my daydream to hear Donicas voice stuttering in fear and then I remember what I have to do to keep my reputation intacked.

"Just shut up!"

I yell making her flinch.

"You know I was gonna go easy on you today but now I don't think I will".

I smirk at her and she look terrified at my words.

She tries to make excuses but I cut her off and start beating her all while feeling regret and pain with every hit I gave her.

I walk away to class and wait for her but she never shows up for class or the whole day.

*NEXT DAY* (still cams pov btw)

Me and Nash,Taylor, and Matt are waiting for Donica to show up before school starts and while they are making up ways to torture her im still thinking about what I did the day before.
Wishing I could take everything back.

My daydreams get cut short when I hear the taunting of my friends began.

"Hey theres the ugly bitch!" I hear but I cut the rest off not wanting to hear it all.

Taylor,Nash,And Matt grab her shoulders and throw her down and start their routine of beating her as I sit hopelessly on the side watching, wishing so much to just jump in and save her, to get her away from this shitty school and tell her everything is going to be ok.

I feel so terrible watching her crying and begging them to stop and I know the look on my face shows it.

Her eyes catch mine and I quickly change my face to a stone cold one to hide the guilt but my eyes slowly makes their way to something else.

Her wrist.

They are all cut up. So many scars and fresh new ones cover them on every inch of her wrist. She has so many of them I feel speechless.

I see the boys have stopped what they where doing and follow my gaze instantly mirroring the same shocked expression on my face to theirs.

Donica notices they stopped and looks at what we all have our gaze on and when she sees what has us so quiet she lets out a small quiet gasp and I can almost see her eyes fill up with fresh new tears and a new horrified expresion.

She quickly pulls down her sleeves and runs off leaving us surprised at what just happened.

"Dude did you see that" says Nash quietly.

"Yeah" we all respond.

"Why would she do that for?" asks Taylor.

"Maybe shes having family trouble" says Matt.

I hope its something else and not us who's making her do that to herself.

I don't know what I'll do if it was because of us that makes her hurt that much enough to harm herself.

We start walking to class and as soon as we walk in I start scanning the room for her.

I find her sitting down with her head low so I can't see her beautiful face. I so badly want to run up to her and tell her how much she means to me but sadly I can't.

I hear the teacher talking about some kind of project and I start zoning out until I hear her say "partner" I instantly start hoping I get to be with Donica and I think all that hoping worked because I hear the most beautiful words come out of her mouth.

"Cameron and Donica".

I was so happy I almost jumped up in joy. I look over at Donica who has a completly opposite look on her face.

A mixture of scared and worried.

She turns her attention to me and I give her a small smile earning me a confused look from her which I let out a low chuckle at.

This is what I've been wanting a second chance to make everything right!

I just hope this project helps me get closer to her and find out if I can finally have something with her.

I can't screw this up.

Not again. Not anymore.


Hey guys long time no post! Sorry i havent been posting anymore but yall i got a crazy story to tell but its to long so i'll probably post the whole story soon by its self. But long story short i had to get a new phone since my other one was in a "incident" and i write this story on my phone so i was phoneless for a long time im surprised im still alive!!. But anyways im back!. Let me know if yall like this story and what i need to fix.
Much love K. <3

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