Much like the doctor said, she was feeling better after a few days and by Monday, she was back to her normal self, jumping and talkative as ever. We spend our days going to the park, she had seen many days of the inside of the house and wanted out to play. We ran, playing and did many things in the two weeks after she got better, Kalum had to go on a trip, but got home just in time for us to pick out a tree and get ready for Christmas.

It was nine degrees Celsius on December 13th and we decided to go out and get a Christmas tree. Kalum was dressed in a light fall coat and his boots, I was wearing a thick pair of blue jeans, a sweater and a coat. Sofia was dressed in a thick pair of leggings, her sneakers, a sweater and a fall coat with a pair of thin gloves for her hands. 

"Im so excited, Mommy. Christmas time!" She yelled as we got into the car to drive out to the farm where they grew the trees. She had gotten really into calling me mommy, sometimes she didnt address me as it, but she often did and it made my heart soar every time she did.

"I know, Im excited too, baby." I smiled, buckling her into her carseat in Kalum's car. She kicked her feet excitedly as I passed her my phone to play on, it was a little bit of a drive and I knew she'd ask eventually anyways.

Kalum and I played music quietly as we drove to the farm, she hummed along behind us, playing a game she had managed to figure out and I thought about my life at that moment, a happy relationship, a happy child, heading to by a family Christmas tree.

I was so happy.


"I hate fake snow." I groaned as I picked it out of Sofia's hair as she sat on the floor in front of me. Kalum was getting the tree we had picked out set up in the stand while I picked the white balls from her hair, we had an impromptu snow fight at the place and this stuff was all over her beautiful hair. 

Sofia giggled at the thought of her fight with us and I shook my head down at her, she was one silly little girl, but I loved her too much.

She got up and jumped around Kalum until he opened the Christmas box from his parents house with a bunch of old decorations inside that they didn't use anymore. The three of us spent the next twenty minutes decorating the tree before she reached out for someone to pick her up, I reached over to pick her up, but she shook her head.

"Daddy." She said towards Kalum and my mouth hung open, staring at them as Kalum broke out into a grin and picked her up. 

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