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Gunner's POV

And this refrigerator here is our top seller. It has the ice and water functions a dual drawer one for the freezer one for you fruits, veggies and or meats. The shelves are adjustable." The sales weasel said.

"I like this one." Charlee said at the one that had weird doors. You could open only part of the door and reach in.

"We will take that one. It's cheaper too." I said making Jace laugh and charlee squeal.

"Okay, anything else?" the weasel asked.

"Dish washer, microwave and washer and dryer." I said looking at my list.

He started talking up the dishwasher but again Charlee picked something else and that is what we got. That is how it went for the rest of the list.

"Food." Jace said as soon as we left the store.

"Okay but we have to be quick. They are delivering this stuff in an hour." I said.

"Chandler is there he will let them in." Jace said like it was no big deal. I know I trust this guy with my life for some odd reason but I couldn't ask him to keep helping me out like this.

"Thank Mr. Rivers." Charlee said smiling as she hung up the phone.

"Now we have time to eat an got get food to fill that nice new fridge and cook on that nice new stove and I will even do dishes just this once in that nice new dishwasher." Jace said making me laugh.

"Mr. Rivers has enough to do. No more." I said. They both nodded their heads and I sighed as I pulled in to Applebee's.

Lunch was great but leaving was better. I don't like sit down dinners because it seems to take twice as long. Or if your with someone they tend to eat really slow.

"Wal-Mart?" I asked.

"Yes please and their is a furniture store down the road aways." Charlee said.

"Is that a hint that you want to go there?" I asked.

"Yes please, new mattresses at least." She said and Jace agreed.

"Okay, but I'm running low on money are you two okay with me using mom and dads money?" I asked.

"Yeah that's fine." Jace said.

"I'm cool with it." Charlee said.

"Okay then. So here is the shopping rule. For every junk food item you put in the cart you must add two health foods. Some drinks may be a healthy item but if you get soda you have to get a juice plus water." I said as we parked in the parking lot.

"Is cereal healthy?" Jace asked.

"Some." I said.

"Energy drinks?" he asked.

"No way." I said grabbing a cart.

"Not even gator aid?" he asked.

"Nope." I said stopping at the veggies. Charlee and I loaded up the cart with mushrooms, carrots and peppers.

"I got the potatoes." Jace said.

We had a really full cart by time we made it to check out. I let each one of them pick out a bedding set for their new beds.

"That will be 387.93." the cashier said.

"Here you go." I said handing her the last of my money. Four hundred dollars.

"Wow that was a lot." Jace said.

"But we got a lot." Charlee said.

"We really didn't. There is only enough food to last until I get paid again." I said.

"Put we got other things." She said.

"True." I said helping them unload everything into the back of the truck.

After making sure all the perishable were in the inside of the truck we headed off to the furniture place.

Thankfully no nosey sales person bugged us an we could pick out what we wanted. But I have to say it was annoying to hunt down one of them to help us when it was all said and done.

"Just load them into the back of my truck or let me." I said to the kid who rang us up.

"We can't load it for you if your taking them with you. But if we deliver we will take them to what ever room you want them in." He said.

That's fine I'll carry thing." I said heading for the ones I just bought.

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