Why Me

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A/N: okay so I am trying something new. A couple different points of view and making it start out slower then normal. It may or may not continue.

Logan's POV

I was torn. I so wanted that Alpha title. But Gunner the former Alpha's son the one my wolf feels a pull towards does deserve it. And I honestly feel he got a fucked up deal in life.

"It's about fucking time." Chris said as I shifted and dressed.

"Shut up." I snapped.

"Someone's cranky." Casper said.

"It's this whole thing. It's so fucked up." I said shaking my head as I looked down at the make shift camp at the Madison's place. There wasn't anyone there but a nice fire was going.

"It sucks you can't fight for the title anymore." Chris said.

"Yeah it does but I'm okay with it if this Gunner kid wants the Alpha position. If not you bet your ass I will fight for it." I said finding a good spot to sit.

"They went into town about an hour ago. They are pretty smart cookies when it comes to camping." Casper said.

"It comes natural to them. It's a survival thing." Chris said making me laugh.

"Shh shift, their back." I said stripping really fast and shifting. My wolf was gray and black. Bigger then most of the others but I have been told that the beta power rolls off of me.

"Help me set these storage tents up." Gunner said to his brother and sister.

"Why two?" the girl asked.

"One is to make you bathroom a little more private." Gunner said.

"Sweet." she said I could see the love in their eyes as the worked and communicated.

"Dude this is so boring." Chris said through our pack link. He is emotionally all over the place one minute he's all happy go lucky and the next cranky crank crankingstin.

"Shut up." casper said.

"You have to admit its a little bullshit we have to babysit and work tomorrow." Chris said yawning. Awe someone is tired.

"Take a nap cranky before I beat your ass." I snapped.

"Charlee, come eat." the younger boy yelled.

"In a minute." The girl I am assuming is Charlee yelled back.

"Don't complain when there is no more potatoes left because Gunner is filling his plate." the young boy yelled back.

"Tattle tail." Gunner mumbled.

"Gunner you better save me some tatoes." The girl yelled heading over to them.

"And you better have washed your hands." Gunner said.

"This is pretty awesome TV." Casper said.

"Something like that." I said watching the three people interact.

Gunner was really good with his brother and sister. He never bitched or snapped on them. He would allow them to do everything for themselves. If they struggled he would work with them until they got it right. He would be a great Alpha.

"I'll take the first shift." The girl said. I wish they knew we was here so they could sleep a feel safe.

"Remember if a wolf comes into camp don't get all scared or anything he or she will be just passing through. Call me if you need me." Gunner said yawning. You could hear it in his voice that he hadn't been getting enough sleep. He was tired but determined.

"I'm not stupid. Now go to sleep. oh and Gun actually try to sleep tonight." she said.

"I'm fine." Gunner said sighing.

"Wake me up in a couple hours." the boy said.

"Not happening." Gunner said.

"Hush boy, now Charlee please wake me up in a couple hours." the boy said making me chuckle.

"Yes Jace, I will wake you at midnight." The girl said.

"Whatever, brats." Gunner said.

I watched as Gunner walked into the bigger tent and the Jace kid walk into the smaller tent. The girl Charlee sat by the fire reading a book. She looked comfortable and at ease. I'm glad.

Around midnight Charlee set her book down and woke Jace. She then went in with Gunner. The night had been quiet except for a few animals making their way to their dens or hunting.

Jace stoked the fire and cleaned up the area around their camp. He was a work for sure.

"He's cute." Casper said.

"In a little kid kind of way." I said.

"No, in a soon to be hotty kind of way. He's what eleven twelve. I'm only sixteen." Casper said giving a wolf grin.

"By time he shifts you will be twenty or so." I said rolling my wolf eyes.

"Shh I hear something." Chris said. I heard something walking our way.

"It's our replacement." I said.

"Your no fun." Addison whined.

"Sorry ladies but I don't need them scaring the little guy down there." I said turning to see three she wolves walk up.

"So who wants to tell me what is going on?" Salone asked.

"Nothing much. They just changed out their watchmen and it's the little guy. Gunner and his sister are in the big tent." I said standing.

"Great come on ladies lets get comfy." Becca said laying down where I had been. I noticed that Jace looked off in our direction. They better not screw this up.

"Be more careful. Little guy can hear you." I snapped.

"Go home cranky we got this." Addison said.

"Do screw this up." Casper said.

Chris, Casper and I all headed home. I was tired and had to get up early to work on that house. I have always loved that house and I once broke into that house and stayed the night. It is a really nice house.

Once home I showered, are and crashed. It was going to be hell until Gunner knew what was going on. Once he shifted he would have all of our abilities. And I would feel comfortable leaving them unprotected.

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