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Gunner's POV

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom with enough bleach to kill an elephant before I allowed the kids to shower.

Once we were all showered and cleaned up Charlee and I lite some candles and moved all of our stuff into the first floor. Dads office was the area I chose for beds to be made up. All the salvageable furniture was set up in the living room. The stuff we could uses to make something else with was moved to the den the rest of the stuff was thrown away.

"I started a list of stuff we needed." Charlee said always my list maker."

"Lets make a couple different ones." I said making sandwiches.

"Okay." She said hoping up on the counter.

"Can I have chips on my sandwich?" Jace asked coming into the kitchen.

"Sure buddy. Can you clean the table off?" I asked.

"Yep, Charlee can you add fruit to the list?" he asked as he started cleaning the table off.

"Got it." Charlee said writing down on her list.

"Here Jace, Charlee what do you want?" I asked.

"No cheese, just mayo." she said coming up to me.

"Okay." I said making her sandwich.

(I know it's not like me to bitch in the middle of a story but I'm have written this chapter three times and come back to it being right here. I want to pull out my hair one at a time right now. If it happens again I'm done with this chapter. It's just a filler chapter anyways. )

I finished up her sandwich and quickly made mine. We sat at the table making the lists of have to have and wish we could get.

We had decided to hold off in painting right now and hung up the pictures I have had of mom and dad and all of us when we were younger. I also hung up the kids pictures from school. The house was beginning to become a home. I could feel the warmth and the love.

"We only have a couple more boxes left in the garage." Jace said coming in with more stuff.

"I'll help you being in the rest and then we can lock up for the night." Charlee said.

"Once we get them all separated I will take them up to our rooms. I am going to try and have the stairs fixed tomorrow and maybe buy beds next week." I said putting one of the boxes brought in by the stairs in Charlee's pile.

"Carry me up and I will start cleaning." Charlee said.

"I will carry you both up once you get the last of the boxes in here." I said opening one of my boxes.

Once all the boxes were opened and placed in there own pile I took Charlee up and let her start cleaning and went back for Jace.

"I'll help with the boxes." Jace said standing at the edge of the top step waiting for boxes.

"These are charlee's room." I said handing him a box.

Together Jace and I had all the boxes up and their proper room ready to be emptied in no time. He and I also started to clean our own rooms as soon as we finished. I was taking over mom and dads room. All of their clothes and stuff had been donated but the furniture was still there.

I had decided that I was only going to replace the mattress and bed spring. The bed frame itself was well made. I decided to throw the mattress off the upper balcony and on to the ground below.

"Here is mine." Jace said bring a crib mattress.

"Keep the crib. Take it down and check my old bed frame if it's good you can have that one and we will get you new mattresses as well." I said and he ran out the door.

"Here." Charlee said with a grunt. She had her mattresses. I had to laugh my brother and sister are always with me. When I do something they do it too.

"How is your bed frame?" I asked.

"Good. It's like its home made." She said helping me shove the box springs over the railing.

"Help." Jace cries out making Charlee and I rush to find him. I was in tears with laughter when I did find him. He tried to bring both mattress and bed springs and was now trapped under them.

"You're so mean." Charlee said to me before she started laughing.

"Guys." Jace whined. I lifted them both of him and he jumped up. I carried both of the mattresses to the balcony and threw them down.

"I have to go put them in the dumpster. Stay up here and finish cleaning." I said heading down.

I put all the beds in the dumpster and started to clean up the outside with the little day light we had left. Once I was satisfied I headed back in the house. The sweet smell if cherries greeted me from the candles I had burning. But up the stairs was bleach and pine sol.

"What are we going to do with your old room?" Charlee asked.

"Not sure. Maybe we could put a bed inside there and a dresser. Make it a guest room." I said looking in at the mostly empty room. Jace was taking all my stuff into his room.

"Sounds good. I do call dibs on one I the garage bays so we can work on our candles and soaps out there." She said.

"Agreed or we could uses the basement or attic." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Basement? Is it finished?" she asked.

"Yeah. Dad would have meeting down there and it had a cool ass game room once. It's all empty now." I said.

"And the attic is it finished?" she asked.

"Used mostly for storage but yeah." I said.

"I'll let you know." she said looking in deep thought.

"Okay." I said smiling at here. Charlee doesn't do things on a whim she always thinks it through. Jace is my two feet first kid. He jumps into anything. But I noticed he doesn't do or attempt anything he can't handle.

We all focused on our own areas of the upstairs and by time bed time came around I was beat. I think the others were too. I still felt this calming feeling since we moved back home and I love it. It's like a part of me has been missing and I wasn't able to fully rest until I found it. I think I have found it. Home.

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