Something Went Wrong

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Logan's POV

"Dad you need to get here now. Gunner shifted and then shifted back but he's not waking up." I said through mind link.

"On my way. Tell no one." He said.

"Gunner, wake up. Come on you have got to see how beautiful you look in wolf form. Your big and black with green eyes. Not that you naked is a bad thing but your wolf is sexy as hell too." I whispered in his ear. His breathing was shallow but getting better. His skin was still pale and claimy. And he was cool to the touch.

"I'm here. Help me get him on the bed. I had a feeling this would happen. I have supplies in my truck to take care of him and keeping the pack in the dark. Lain said only if we need him will he come." dad said.

Together we got Gunner in bed and covered. He was now shivering and his teeth were chattering. I hate seeing him like this. He is the only person I have watched shift that didn't make a noise.

"How long did Lain say he would be like this?" I asked.

"He didn't. I'm hoping he is better before I bring the kids home. I don't want to scare them." He said pulling an electric blanket out of a bag.

"His wolf is huge. Big and jet black with green eyes." I said causing my dad to freeze.

"His dads wolf." Dad whispered.

"Can that happen?" I asked.

"I've heard of it." He said looking at Gunner.

"So what should we do?" I asked.

"There is nothing we really can do. I'm actually going to leave you two alone until morning unless you need me. It's simple really if he starts running fever again uncover him. If he gets cold turn on the electric blanket. He needs rest. His body and wolf need rest." Dad said standing up. He set the bag aside and we both headed down the stairs.

"Should I stay with him?" I asked.

"Yes. You might as well move your things to his room." Dad said laughing.

"I'll wait. I'm kind of glad we can move on though. It's been hell not being able to tell him." I said.

"I bet. If he's mad that you didn't make sure you tell him it was me." Dad said going to the door. Once he was out I locked up and headed for the kitchen. I stocked up on waters and some fruit from the basket before going up the stairs to Gunner.

I climbed in bed with Gunner and waited. He seemed comfortable. I don't think he was to hot or to cold so I left the blanket on him but turned it off.

I woke up when I heard or felt Gunner moved. I was a little worried he was waking and would freak but he wasn't waking up. He was sweating again so I pulled the covers down and let his damp skin hit the cool air.

And hour later he was shivering again so we covered up. It was like a pattern.

When morning came I was tired but I got up and showered. I made some pancakes for breakfast and waited for my dad to show up to check on Gunner.

Knock............... knock ...............

"Hello." I said opening the door expecting my dad but getting Connie my ex-girlfriend.

"I wanted to come by and see where you where living. I miss having you around the pack house." she said.

"Now is not a good time plus Gunner is sleeping." I said stepping out of the house and not letting her in.

"Sleepy Alpha." She said in a slutty voice I hated.

"He was working late on the house and it is only seven in the morning." I said.

"I would love to see the inside of this house." she said.

"Not right now. You need to go back home. Unless you have pack business you need to leave. And even then my dad can handle that." I said letting a little of my beta voice leak into my words.

"Your so mean." she said pouting.

"Connie. What are you doing here?" my dad asked. Connie froze.

"Nothing sir I was just stopping by to see Logan." She lied. I rolled my eyes.

"Go home Connie." he said sternly.

"I'm going." SHe pouted before stomping back to her car.

"That girl is a power hungry she-wolf." Dad said coming in the house.

"I know." I said.

"How is he?" He asked sitting down eating his pancakes.

"Sleeping still." I said.

"How was his night?" he asked in between bites.

"Hot and cold all night." I said sipping my coffee.

"I am going to check on him and then get back to the kids. They were still sleeping. I don't want them to know he's sick." He said finishing off his pancakes.

"I was going to try an fix that front door. It's been sticking and Charlee likes to have a natural breeze to come in at night when we are watching TV. The windows do a good job but that door would make it a lot better." I said making my dad smile.

"You'll be a good addition to this little family." He said handing me his plate. He headed up the stairs. I washed his plate and set it in the drainer before I headed for the door. I opened and inspected it. It was a simple fix just a few screws to tighten.

"All fixed." I said hearing my dad come down the stairs.

"He's moving around more so I'm thinking he might be waking up soon. Dad said.

"That's good." I said feeling a little nervous now.

"Let me know when he wakes. I will keep everyone away so you two can mate." Dad said wiggling his eye brows.

"Shut up and go." I said rolling my eyes. He did skipping out of the house. Sometimes I swear he is the kid and I am the adult.

I locked up an headed up to the bedroom. Gunner was still sleeping but he was moving around a whole lot more. His scent had changed a little since he shifted but to me it was still mouth watering and made my body ready for him.

I was so board that I curled up next to Gunner and went back to sleep. It was so hard to stay awake with the sleep I had last night.

I woke to the sound of Gunner moaning. I'm not sure if it's pain or pleasure. But I shot out of the bed and went to get some Advil for him just in case it was pain.

Part of me hoped he would wake up soon but the nervous part of me didn't want him to wake up yet. I'm scared he's my mate and when two mates find each other it's mate first introductions second. I'm worried about that part. Ugh.

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