What does it mean?

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Logan's POV

To say I that this job was just another job for me would be lying. After taking the windows to Gunner I couldn't help but watch his every move. Casper was all like "checking out the new meat?" or "he's got a nice ass on him." Every word out of his mouth pissed me off. He had no right. Why I have no idea but my wolf wanted to kill him.

When Gunner left I was confused and pissed that I didn't know where he was going. I worried the whole time he was gone but I have no reason for feeling all of these emotions. Right?

"Hey Romeo, your eye candy is back." Casper said via mind link.

"Shut up." I said peaking down from the roof as Gunner talked to his sister.

"I'll be right back." dad said heading down the ladder.

"Where is he going?" Chris asked.

"Don't no." I said shrugging and getting back to work.

My dad stayed down on the ground forever. We had finished one section if the roof and started to tear off the other.

"The girls want to know if we are taking our watch tonight or if someone else is?" Chris asked.

"Not sure yet. We have to wait and find out what my dad has to say." I said heading for the ladder. We needed to bring up more supplies.

I climbed down and headed for the loader. We uses it to get the material up into the roof better.

"What'cha doing?" gunner's little brother asked.

"I going to stack all this stuff into this bucket and lift it to the roof." I said.

"Can I help?" he asked.

"Sure, I'm Logan." I said smiling at him as I lifting a bundle of shingles and stacking them in the bucket of the loader.

"Jace." he said carefully picking up the bucked of roofing nails. He placed it in the bucket and came back for a bundle of shingles. He's a strong little shit.

"Are you excited to be moving in here?" I asked.

"Yeah my brother said that my mom and dad built this place." He said looking at the house with a wishful look in his eyes.

"That's what I hear also." I said not looking at him.

"Did you know my mom and dad?" he asked.

"My dad said when I was younger I meet them." I said wishing I had more for him.

"Gunner is the only one who remember them. He tells us about them all the time." he said.

"My dad talks about them often. Your dad and my dad were best friends. Grew up together." I said smiling.

"That's what Gunner said." He said smiling at me.

"So what grade are you in?" I asked.

""I'm going into sixth. Charlee is going in to ninth and Gunner just graduated. He starts taking some college courses in the fall." He explained.

"Me too. I want to take over the business part of the company. I don't want to bust my balls all my life. I don't mind some hard work but I don't want to kill myself to make ends meat." I said then remembered I was taking to a kid.

"Gunner wants to start his own business. He doesn't want to climb trees all the time. He would like to run a store. Him and Charlee make candles and soaps and stuff so he would like to open something that will allow them to sell their things." He said loading the last of the shingles.

"That sounds like a really nice place." I said. If I was a candle and soup kind of person, that is.

"It's a little girly but when your relaxing and reading its nice to have a gentle scented candle burning or if you have a electric warmer the melts are nice also." he said. He's a great salesmen.

"I can see that." I said picturing myself sitting and reading, candles burning and Gunner adding wood to..... shit.

"Well I better go help them clean or we won't be able to sleep inside tonight and Gunner want to be inside before the rain comes this weekend." He said.

"Thanks for the help." I said smiling down at him well kind of he was kind of tall for his age.

"Anytime." he said running off. I got in the loader and raised the bucket. Casper and Chris started unloading as soon as it was up.

"Come on lover boy we have work to do." Casper said as he caught me looking for Gunner.

"We might be free tonight." I said climbing up to where they were working.

"Whys that?" Chris asked.

"They might be staying in the house." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Come in boys enough chit chat." Bart one of the other workers said.

"Bite me Bart." Chris said flipping him off.

"No thanks kid now back to work" Bart said grabbing a couple bundles if shingles and heading for the peak.

"That guy needs his own crew and he needs to work his own jobs." Chris whispered.

"Dad only wanted people he could trust for this job." I said sighing as I started lining up my paper an stapling it in.

Just because packs are close doesn't mean all the members get along. Chris doesn't like to many people but as my best friend and forth in command he is respected. He doesn't abuses his powers and would never start a fight. He is one of our best fighters and he trains most of the pack. He's just always cranky.

I am hoping for time alone tonight so I can figure out what all of this means. The new infatuation with the unknown Alpha.

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