Unbelievable (bxb) (LBGT)

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There once was a house that sat off the road aways. It was picturesque and built with love and care.

The house was made up of stones and ivy. The windows were just the right size with white shutters and a red door. The lawn was cut to perfection and if you walked by on a quiet evening you could hear the laughter of the happy family that lives inside.

The Madison's were a happy family. There was Stan and JoAnna and there three kids Gunner who was the oldest Charlee the one and only daughter and Jace the baby of the family. The family had lived in that little house from the time Gunner was two years old because that is how long it took them to build it. Until that one cold night in late December that left the home cold and a six year old scared and in the care of family with his younger siblings.

Now almost eleven years later that house sits empty. The windows are boarded up. The door no longer looks red and happy. The grass is unruly and the fence was broken and fallen down. The shutters where only half hanging an the old tire swing in the back lay on the ground forgotten. The house has been left to rotten broken and abandoned.

Stan and JoAnna killed in a random attack just outside of the small town the lived in. The kids sent to live with relatives miles away to busy to worry about the picturesque house built with love and the manicured lawn that it once graced it. All the memories forgotten all the laughter gone.

Gunner is almost 18 and is ready to move back to his home and take his sister and brother with him. It's not that his Aunt Carol hasn't been living and caring it the fact that his home is the little stone house just off the road aways.

The one thing nobody has told the kids is who killed their parent or why. They figured the less the kids knew the better off they were for now.

Their Aunt Carol has no choice but to let them go. Stan and JoAnna's will stated that everything that was there's would go to Gunner when he turned 18 and that included his younger siblings. So with a sad heart the old spinster waved goodbye to the only kids she would ever have.

With his 18th birthday approaching Logan Rivers would have to fight to see where he belonged. He has been training most of his life for this. Never in his wildest dreams did his dad think this would be possible. he was born a beta. Yes that's right he's a werewolf. His dad was beta to the Stone Mountain Pack. The Alpha and Luna were killed back when Logan was little.

With the beta's (his dad) time as Alpha was coming to an end by rights he had to offer everyone the chance to fight for it. Logan had six months to train because the list of people he had to fight was growing. Most of the people on that list were not the people you wanted to run your pack. But as long as you have been a member of the Stone Mountain Pack all your life you had a change.

What happens when the dead Alpha's son comes back? Will the pack be at war with itself? Will Logan except what fate had thrown at him?

(Here is a little about the characters)

Gunner Samuel Madison
Age. 18
Parents. Stan and JoAnna Madison
Siblings. Charlee and Jace
Hair. Light brown
Eyes. Hazel
Height. 6 foot 6
Weight. 280
Build. Like a brick shit house
Sexuality. Bisexual

Charlee Sophia Madison
Age. 14
Parents. Stan and JoAnna Madison
Siblings. Gunner and jAce
Hair. Blonde
Eyes. Brown
Height 5 foot 6
Weight. 103
Build. Curvy
Sexuality. Undecided.

Jace Stone Madison
Age. 12
Parents Stan and JoAnna Madison
Siblings. Gunner and Charlee
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Height 5 foot 7
Weight 135
Build half of Gunner
Sexuality. Girls girls girls

Aunt Carol Highland
Age 47
Parents Crawford and Sophia Highland
Siblings JoAnna
Hair blond
Eyes brown
Height 5 foot 6
Weight 120
Sexuality any kind will do please

Stan and JoAnna Madison both deceased

Logan Atlas Rivers
Age 17
Parents. Chandler and Gillian Rivers
Siblings. None
Hair black
Eyes gray
Height 6 foot 4
Weight 285
Build getting bigger and bigger everyday
Sexuality undecided

Chandler and Gillian River. Chandler still alive and Gillian MIA for the last twelve years.

A/N: Okay guys here it is the newest story to my bunch. Some suck some are okay. I never say there perfect because I do not edit. They all have mistakes they all have issues. I don't care. I love to write and I love all of you who can look past all the issues. I hope you enjoy this one I'm can't tell you where it's going or how it will end because I have no idea. But I hope you enjoy the ride in finding out.

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