Everything Changes

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Gunner's POV

I was so hot. I wanted to plunge into a ice bath I was so hot. The plus side was I wasn't in pain anymore. I did however smell the scent of rain and fresh split wood. It was intoxicating.

I spoke to soon about there being no pain. When I attempted to open my eyes the pain was unbearable. I decided to go back to sleep until I could open my eyes with out wishing for someone to stab my eyes out.

When I woke again I cracked my eyes open slowly and the pain wasn't there. Thank God.

"Hey your awake." a sexy voice said making me focus on the shadow to my left.

"Yeah." I said in a scratch voice.

"Here sip this water and I will give you some Advil." Logan said.

"You smell really good." I said. He did too. I wanted him. Something in me kept saying over and over "mine".

"Thanks you smell good yourself." he said laughing. His laugh went straight to my mini me. Holy Hannah Batman. I sipped the water and took the pill.

"Did I shift?" I asked.

"Yes you did. You shifted into a huge black wolf with green eyes. I told my dad about your wolf. He said your wolf is a lot like your dads." He said and that is when I remembered my wolf and I talking.

"He is my dads. He told me he was." I said slowly sitting up.

"You remember talking to him. Not many people do." He said sitting on the bed next to me.

"We talked about a lot. I know that stupid humans killed my parents trying to force our secret from them. They died protecting our kind. And the Goddess took care of the humans. Karma's a bitch." I said looking over at him. So hot. Mine.

"Wow." He said.

"Yeah." I said. I had just noticed that I could see. No I mean really see like the speck of dust floating through the air. And hear. I could hear the refrigerator running down stairs. To be honest I think I can hear a car driving down the road.

"What's wrong?" Logan asked.

"I think I can see for miles and hear for even father." I said.

"Yeah it's part of your new abilities. You will notice that temperatures don't effect you as much. You have a boat load of energy. Oh and you can now communicate with the pack via mind link." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked sitting up more.

"Close your eyes and think of someone in the pack. Now in your mind say something to that person." He said and I did.

"Logan?" I said.

"Good job." He said.

"Wow." I said smiling.

"I will help you learn more about all of this." He said inside my head.

"Thanks. Now tell me why you smell so good." I said licking my lips.

"Because I'm you mate. On my birthday I figured it out but my dad said for me to wait for you to shift." He said swallowing hard.

"Is that why I have the unbelievable desire to kiss you?" I asked leaning forward towards him.

"Yes." he said in a whisper. Our lips connected and fireworks erupted.

Our lips moved in sink like they were meant to be connected. With a nibble on his bottom lip gained me access to his whole mouth. He tasted like a sweet wine. I pulled him over on top of me until he was straddling me.

(Okay we might get a little steamy from this point on. I'm not sure if it's is going to be to hot and steamy or if I am going to skip over the steamy scenes. So read at your own risk there may or may not be bxb loving beyond this point. You have been warned)

He was making noises that was sending me into a tailspin of wanting to be a good boy. I grabbed ahold of both of his butt cheeks and moved his body so our lower halves were lined up. This caused him to buck and that made us both moan.

"Gunner." he moaned.

"Logan." I growled because it was the most sexiest thing I have ever heard.

"You taste so good." he whispered as I licked my way down his neck until I was at the soft spot where my mark would go. I sucked gently on that area leaving a temporary mark.

"My turn to taste." I said flipping him over onto his back. With in seconds I had him just as naked as I was. His body was like a Greek Gods. I wanted to lick ever inch if him but I was starting with his hardening nubs.

He seemed to like it when I would suck a little then bite down but not enough to hurt him on his nipples. They were both hard as a rock by time I made my way down his nicely muscled abs. No words to really describe this eight pack. Or the V that pointed me in the direction of a really nice mini Logan.

"Gunner." Logan moaned my name as his hands played in my hair. The closer I got to his length the more aggressive he became with the little hair pulls or the finger nail scraps to my scalp. It was a major turn on when he did that.

I decided to make him wither in want and need. I kissed and suck everywhere except his length.

"Gunner, please. I need you." he whimpered.

"What do you need baby, do you need to cum?" I asked.

"Yes, please." he said his length was now turning purple.

"Okay." I said before taking his length into my mouth.

I tightened my lips and sucked while moving up and down his length. It was my first time doing this and I have to say I liked it. As he got closer his hands tightened in my hair. His noises become erotic and his hips were lost in there own rhythm.

"Gunner. I'm. Going. To..........." he started to say before he stopped and screamed out my name. With that my mouth filled with his salty goodness and I swallowed it all up savoring the flavor.

"How do you feel baby?" I asked laying on top of him.

"Ready to go again." he said.

"We haven't even began." I said before kissing him. He tasted so good.

"We need lube." he said once the kiss broke. I rolled off him and over to the edge of my bed where I had lube in my nightstand.

"Here." I said tossing it to him as I got up and grabbed a couple clean towels.

"Have you ever????" Logan asked.

"Nope, you?" I asked.

"Nope." he said making me smile.

"I promise not to hurt you. And when we are done we can switch." I said. I'm not against bottoming but I feel more of a top.

"Remember to mark me." he said in a whisper as I climbed back in between his legs.

"I will. I can't wait." I said taking the lube from him. I wanted to warm it up a little so I put it between us and went in for a kiss. He smirked but opened right up to me.

Our hands were everywhere as we kissed. I love how his body reacts to my touch. And I love how my body feels like its on fire with his.

The lube was still a little cold but once I worked it around on my finger it warmed up. I claimed his lips as I worked my lubed finger into him.

"Now, please Gun. Now. I need you." He whimpered.

"Okay baby, hold still and breath. I promise to go as slow as you need me to." I said lining up my slicked length.

"Okay just do it. All at once." He said breathing hard.

I grabbed his hips and slammed home. He screamed out, tears rolled from his eyes but he was smiling.

"Are you okay?" I asked bending down and kissing him.

"I'm fine now move." he said wrapping his legs around my waist.

Our rhythm was slow and steady until I got close. I could see by the look in his eyes he was close also. It had only been like two minutes. I was a little embarrassed.

"Mark me." he said before moaning. I felt my teeth elongate and I bent to down licking, sucking and kissing his soft spot on his shoulder before allowing my teeth to puncture the skin. That is when my world burst open into a whole new level of erotica.

"Oh shit, Gunner." he yelled out. We came together. I released him and licked the wound it closed up with in seconds of my saliva being spread over the whole. It was a beautiful mark. It was mine. He was mine. I felt like howling with excitement but I had a mate to take care of. He seemed to have passed out during our mating.

I pulled out of him cleaned us up and crawled in bed next to Logan. My Logan. I pulled him to me and held him tight allowing his scent that was now mixed with mine to pull me into a restful sleep.

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