The wedding.

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Gunner's POV

It has been a month since we joined the two packs. Everything was going good. Chris ended up being Charlee's mate at first he was pissed, he took off on a run only coming back and to cry to Charlee about how sorry he was. They are really close and keeping it PG. Casper is so good with Jace I really don't have to worry about him or Charlee.

Molly has been through the round of IVF. We find out soon if she carrying our pups. She's a sweet girl who was born mate less. She has to do something the Goddess feels that is selfless and she will get a mate. So she wants to have our pups for us. To me that is selfless.

Today I am marrying my mate. Our state is one of the sixteen that allow gay marriages. So we will be legally married. I'm so excited. Logan is at his dads getting ready and I'm at home getting ready. Jace is my best man and Charlee is walking also my best man but she demands to be called best woman.

I wish my mom an dad could be here for this. I'm hoping that I am making them proud. The pack is doing great, the kids are doing so good being around all this new stuff and the house is back to life. I'm in love and going to be a dad soon. The kids have mates that will do anything for them and aunt Carol seems to be happy again. She seems relaxed for once now that the packs are one.

"Gunner we are going to be late." Jace yelled.

"Never my boy." I said leaving my room.

"Look at you all dressed for a wedding in your black tux and shinny shoes." Charlee said.

"Spiffy right?" I said doing a twirl and showing my sexiness off.

"Come on." Jace whined.

"Some one is cranky." Charlee sang.

"Shut up." Jace said yawning.

"I'm having a talk with Casper. you need more sleep." I said making Jace freeze.

"No I'm good." he said trying to hide his face and the dark circles under his eyes.

"Come on we have to drive and the hike." I said showing them out the door.

Once in the truck I drove down the oath as close to the memorial of my parents and where Logan and I were getting married.

"Come on guys we are going to have to walk from here." I said parking next to a couple other cars.

We followed the path made by man and wolf. It was comforting. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the smells the woods gave off.

"Wait right there, Alpha Gunner. Alpha Logan said you can't go any farther then this until I get the signal." Robbie one of the pack kids said smiling like he had the best job in the world.

"Hey Robbie." I said.

"Do we have to stay here?" Jace asked.

"No you can go. Just Alpha Gunner." Robbie said.

"Go on find your mates." I said with a sigh. Both kids took off.

I sat next to Robbie while he waited for the signal. I couldn't wait for that. I miss Logan. I miss his smell, his touch and voice.

"Robbie you can send him in." a voice said.

"Okay big guy it's show time." Robbie said.

"Lets do this." I said smiling.

I almost skipped my way to where everyone was standing. I took my place under the arch that was made of Willow sticks and flowers.

"Hello, Mr. Madison." The minister said smiling at me. We choice a human to marry us so we were all on our best behavior.

"Hello." I said.

"He's ready." Jace said smiling as he hopped up next to me followed by Charlee.

"Gather everyone." the minister said.

The next thing I knew Logan, Casper and chris was standing next to me. Logan looked amazing and sexy. He was in white with a black tie. Where I was wearing black with a white tie.

"If you all be seated we will get started." The minister said.

"We gather here today to join Gunner and Logan in marriage. This union is made from love and honor. Gunner and Logan asked that I keep this short so here we go. Gunner Madison do you take Logan Rivers to be your husband to honor, cherish and protect?" the minister asked.

"I do." I said.

"Logan Rivers do you take Gunner Madison to be your husband to honor, cherish and protect?" the minister asked.

"I do." Logan said.

"This is where I say I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss you husband." The minister said making everyone cheer.

"Mr. And Mr. Madison" Casper said making everyone cheer again.

"Thanks everyone, please make your way to the celebration hall." Chandler said.

"Thank you so much." I said to the minister before Logan and I headed off to have pictures taken while Chris took the minister to his car.

"Mr. Madison have I told you how much I love you or how sexy you look today?" I asked Logan.

"No Mr. Madison you haven't. I love you too and you look so sexy." he said kissing my nose.

"Say cheese." Keegan said.

"Cheese." I said before kissing my husband.

We posed for a couple pictures before heading to the hall. Logan and I took off in wolf form towards the meeting hall.

When we got there the place was all decked out. We didn't want flowers or anything to girly so Charlee made a bunch of candles and we did fountains. Our colors were black and white.

"Please put your hands together and welcome Alpha Gunner and Alpha Logan Madison." Casper yelled as we walked in the hall.

"Thank you everyone." I said.

The reception was amazing and Logan and I danced all night. And the food was amazing. I was taking Logan to a cabin for two days for our honeymoon.

"Gunner, Logan can we talk before you take off?" Molly asked.

"What up?" Logan said.

"Well Dr. Porter asked me to give you two this before you left for your honeymoon. Have fun guys and congrats." she said hugging us.

"Thank hon." Logan said.

"Welcome." She said before taking off.

"Open it." I said to Logan. He ripped open the envelope.

Dear Mr. and Mr. Madison,

Let me start by saying congratulations on the nuptials. And I have some more good news for you. Molly is pregnant. We will find out more in a month so congratulations.

Your Friend,

Dr. Silvia Porter

"She's having our pup." I said kissing him.

"She is." he said just as excited. My grandfather demanded that I have a heir to take over the pack in order for him to let me merge the packs.

"Come on babe let get out if here." I said.

"Casper." he yelled.

"Hey buddy." he said coming up to us.

"We're leaving. Jace is to start going to bed on time. He's been acting out of sorts these last couple days. Charlee needs to keep making candles so tell her to keep them moving." I said.

"Got it boss, have fun, name it after me and come back soon." he said running away to where Jace was standing.

I waved good bye to Jace and Charlee before Logan and I headed out. We striped out of our tuxes leaving them behind. Who needed close where we were going.

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