Casper's Birthday

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A/N: okay everyone into the time machine. We are skipping a head about one month. Watch your step and please be sure to uses the puke bags if needed. No pushing or shoving we will all get there at some point. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Logan's POV.

Once Gunner was off to work I finished my breakfast. Jace was going with Carol to get something for Casper for his birthday an Charlee was making candles all day. Me I was working on a house down the road from here.

Knock........... knock................knock

"I got it." Charlee said coming down the stairs.

"Morning." I said waving empty fork.

"Morning." she said opening the door.

"Hey baby girl. Is Jace ready?" Carol asked walking in.

"He just got out of the shower." Charlee said.

"Good morning." I said filling my to go cup.

"Good morning." Carol said.

"Logan have you seen my wallet?" Jace yelled down from upstairs.

"Nope sure haven't." I said rinsing out the now empty coffee pot.

"It's in your bathroom on your sink." Charlee yelled.

"Thanks." Jace yelled down.

"I have to go. Gunner said not to do fruits he will help you when he gets home. Tell Jace that Casper will be home after work." I said waving to them as I headed out the door.

"Good bye." I heard as I hoped in my truck.

I started my truck an headed to the job sight. When I pulled up I saw my dad and the crew standing around waiting for all of us late comers.

"Happy Birthday, man." I said walking up to Casper.

"Hey thanks dude, it's been pretty cool so far. I stayed with my folks last night and had omelets for breakfast, they gave me money and new shoes." He said smiling.

"Fine your mate yet?" I asked.

"Dude, Jace is my mate." he said not even sweating it.

"I hope your right in a away man but that's like seven years you'll have to wait." I said.

"He's worth it man." He said heading for the ladder.

"Come on lets get this job done so we can celebrate dip shits birthday." Chris said.

"Hey man, next week we will be doing the same for you." Casper said.

"Don't remind me." Chris said sighing. He has been a little bummed since Becca and Salone mated.

"Cheer up man, you'll love your mate." Casper said.

"Fuck off." Chris said pouting.

"Logan, Chris and the birthday boy I want you to take the north facing side. Keegan, Zeke and Winston take the south side. I want this roof off and the new sheeting in before we leave." My dad said.

"You got it boss." Casper said. He and I got to work striping the shingles off.

We worked until noon clearing the roof. We were just about ready to add the sheeting.

"Break time." dad yelled.

"Hell yeah." Casper said heading for the ladder. I looked around to see what we would need to bring back up before we came back up.

Gunner packed our lunches this morning so I didn't even know what I was having.

"So Gun said we can have a cook out and camp out at home tonight." Casper said as he chewed his sandwich. Good thing I have known him long enough to understand bullshit.

"We talked about it this morning. He said if Jace is your mate then you and him are having a serious talk. Jace turns twelve in a couple months. That means you have a little over six years before you can claim him." I said.

"I know that but we can start dating in five years. I can claim him at midnight the second he turns 18. But for now as long as I can be around him I'm okay." Casper said.

"I couldn't do it." Chris said.

"It's up to you if you can or not. I mean you could just not tell you mate that is younger then you that your mates an go on with your life until they turn 18 it you could that the time to get to know them, fall in love with them and have a stronger relationship." Casper said making me a little shocked.

"Or you could do both." Chris said.

"It would hurt your mate to much knowing your meant to be together and just because their to young your out partying and sleeping around." I said opening my cooler. I was in heaven. Pasta salad, cold fried chicken and water. My mate hooked me up. No more PB&J's for me.

"They wouldn't get hurt. They would understand." Chris said.

"No sorry man but Logan's right." Casper said.

"If my mate is younger I'm not telling them. I'd rather have fun until their old enough to figure it out and then I'll tell them that I wasn't waiting." Chris said.

"And they will tell you to go to hell." I said laughing.

"Owell." he said finishing his sub.

"So how's mated life?" Casper asked.

"Good. Different but good. I really like almost love Gunner. He is so funny, sweet and carrying." I said closing the chicken container and opened my pasta container.

"We need to have a friends night out. Just the three of us." Chris said.

"We can. Gunner isn't stopping me from hanging out with you guys. With work and training there isn't must time left to do anything else." I said.

"I know what you mean. I have been training Jace and Charlee on their human fighting skills and I'm whooped by the end of the day." Casper said.

"Why are you training charlee?" Chris asked.

"She asked me too." Casper said with a smirk.

"I'll help you." Chris said making me raise an eye brow. Casper winked at me and smiled.

"So Alpha ceremony next week are you guys excited?" Casper asked again changing the subject.

"Gunner's ready. I'm ready. I just feel like sometimes it's all too much. Work, mate, family and pack. With Gunner's help we will make it but it just seems overwhelming sometimes." I said with a sigh. I had finished my lunch now I needed to start loading materials onto the loader and getting it into the roof.

"I'm excited." Casper said making me laugh.

"Me too." Chris said helping me add sheeting to the bucket of the loader.

"I am too be I'm also scared." I said with a shrug.

"It's normal to be scared and it's also good to not go in all cocky to something that is as big as this." dad said smiling at me.

"I think I might take a week off after becoming Alpha Mate and see how things work." I said to him.

"Good idea." He said smiling.

"We are so with you." Casper said.

"I can't have you all taking off so why don't I not schedule any work for the week after you and Gunner take over." dad said.

"Sounds good as long as it's okay with everyone else." I said.

"I will talk to them after work and let you know." Dad said.

We got back to work and finished most of our side of the roof. Casper was almost bouncing by time it was time for us to go home. He wanted to prove to all of is that Jace was his mate.

"I'll see you at home." Casper said running for his jeep.

"He's crazy." Chris said smirking.

"You coming?" I asked.

"Hell yeah." he said coming with me to my truck.

"You just want front row seats to Casper failing at finding his mate." I said driving down the drive.

"You have to admit its a little far fetched that he could pick his mate before he turned 18?" He said rolling down the window.

"You never know. I felt a pull towards Gunner before my birthday." I said. He sat there with saying anything for a minute.

"What does it feel like the pull?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. I wanted to know where he was what he was doing and when I was near him I couldn't get enough of him. His voice, his smell and just him." I said shrugging.

"I thought I had that with Becca." He said.

"I thought you did too." I said honestly.

"I think I might know who my mate is." He said getting out of the truck.

"Who?" I asked.

"Not telling." he said heading for the pole barn.

"Hey babe, how was work?" Gunner asked as soon as I opened the door.

"Good. Casper come in here?" I asked.

"Nope he went to get cleaned up." he said kissing me.

"Where is Jace?" I asked.

"His room cleaning up his camping gear. There going camping tonight." he told me.

"Are you okay with that if they are mates?" I asked.

"Casper won't hurt Jace. An Jace won't let him get to far. He is still basically straight." He said pouring me a glass of apple juice.

"True. Do you think their mate?" I asked.

"Yeah I do." He said.

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