Learning About Myself

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Gunner's POV

I watched as Chandler shifted back and headed for the woods the other wolf following him only to come back in human form with clothes on. Logan was the gray and black wolf. Man is he sexy.

"Please come inside. I am calling a meeting." I said heading in the house. "Charlee, Jace please come down here." I said as we headed for the living room.

"Don't bring them into this." Aunt Carol said.

"No see they are a part of this. I will not hide it from them. I forgive you Aunt Carol I am sure you had your reasons but I will not hide something like this from them." I said just as my brother and sister came down the stairs and into the living room.

"What's up? Hey Mr. Rivers, Logan." Jace said.

"Have a seat. I want you two to remain quiet until these three are done explaining everything. I mean it. They will answer any and all questions we have when they are done." I said making the two nod their heads.

"I will start. From the very beginning. Back when the humans God was creating them the Moon Goddess created us. We were the protesters of the humans. We were created to watch over them. There was many different species like us at one time. Mermaids, werebears and even Vampires. The early humans knew about us. The knew of all our kinds and why we were here. Then one of the humans fell in love with a mermaid he wanted her to come live with him on land. Well she had a mate from her own kind and denied the human. That didn't settle well with the human so he killed her mate. She too died of a broken heart. This infuriated the merpeople and they stopped protecting the humans at sea causing hurricans, typhoons and deadly animals that would cause harm to all humans that dare enter their waters. The Moon Goddess, The Water Goddess and the humans God decided that the mermaids needed to go so they were punished to death for all the district ion they caused. But as a reminder of their time on earth the hurricans, typhoons and other things stayed they where just calmed down a bit. The same thing happened to the werebears and Vampires. None of them had ever had a human mate. Our kind the werewolves did. But after vanishing the werebears, Vampires and the mermaids the Goddesses and the Humans God decided that we needed to protect in hiding. The only reason to tell a human what we are is if they are our mate." Chandler said.

"Our kind has lived on this land alone for over a thousand years. The Stone Mountain Pack has been in the Madison family for that long. My sister you mother was your fathers mate. She came from Grandpa Sig's pack the Rose Petal Pack. The Rose Petal Pack has been in the Highland family for just as long and our two pack have then allies the whole time. Aunt Carol said.

"Alpha Stan Madison was the Alpha of the Stone Mountain Pack. Your father was our Alpha making Gunner here our future Alpha. My father is the beta and best friend to the Alpha. He has been our stand in Alpha since you and your parents disappeared." Logan said.

"Okay so let me get this straight. Our dad is Alpha Stan of the Stone Mountain Pack. Grandpa Sig is the Alpha of the Rose Petal Pack. We grew up in a different pack then what we belong in and you all believed our family abandoned you. Am I right? Oh and we are werewolves that change from human to wolves?" I asked.

"Yes." Logan said.

"I'm so sorry." Aunt Carol said crying.

"My dad would never abandoned anyone. And neither would my mom. Aunt Carol I'm sure you had your reasons but it is not good enough. You should have said something to his people. I do have a few questions. Why haven't we shifted? how can I be Alpha with out a wolf and will I have a mate." I asked.

"Um well I can explain the shifting thing. That medicine you have been taking with your dinner for the last two years is the reason you don't shift. I had it stopped." Aunt Carol said sobbing now. How could she?

"We are hoping once this medication is out of your system you'll shift. Once you shift you'll find your mate because your 18. You shift for the first time at 16 we normally start training all new wolves then and then when you turn 18 you'll find your mate." Chandler said.

"So this is all real? No bullshitting?" Charlee asked.

"Language." aunt Carol said.

"No see you don't tell me what to do. You lied to us made our parent look like bad people and now we have to deal with all this." Charlee snapped. She hates new things and especially if he has no say or control.

"Charlee you may voice you opinion but leave out the cuss words." I said giving her the look.

"I think the whole wolf thing is awesome. But I agree with Charlee. Aunt Carol you would punish us if we lied so what gives you the right?" Jace said.

"Can I see it?" Charlee asked.

"I can show her." aunt Carol said.

"Okay but go upstairs and do it. Would one of you mind showing Jace?" I asked.

"Come on Jace, you and I can go outside." Logan said to a happy go lucky Jace.

"How long do you think it will take for that medicine to get out of my system. I just stop taking it today." I asked Chandler.

"I talked to that quack they had you seeing and he said three days. I am going to be honest with you. When I first saw you I was mad. I couldn't believe your parents left and didn't bother coming back with you. But when I heard your story I went to Carol and demanded that she tell you. I would have but I feel she lied and should be the one that confessed the truth to you." Chandler said.

"Thank you. I'm glad you haven't lost respect for my family. I would like to know more about the pack and all the things that an Alpha has to do." I said wanting to be more involved in my family legacy. The more I look into my past the more I know what I should do. What feels right. My father was a giant black wolf. My mother was a beautiful red wolf. I can see them now.

"I loved your father like a brother." He said.

"I want to know what happened to them." I said.

"We have been working on that. And we will continue to work on that." Chandler said with so much conviction.

"That is so cool. Not the whole naked thing but the wolf thing is awesome. I can't wait to turn 16." Jace said coming in the house with Logan.

"I agree." Charlee said as her and Aunt Carol came down the stairs. She had two years to wait.

"Tomorrow we will introduce you all to the pack and have a picnic to celebrate your home coming. Logan will be moving in so he can teach you about our ways and our laws. Plus he was training to fight for the Alpha title until you showed up. He will help get you ready to take over." Chandler said. Logan could move right into my room.

"Thank you." I said to them both.

"Grandpa Sig will be here tomorrow he needs to talk with you and Chandler. It's about the future of the Rose Petal Pack." Aunt Carol said.

"Fine. He has some explaining to do as well." I said.

"We only did what we thought needed to be done to protect you." she said crying again.

"I'm sure you did. It's been a long night guys. And I have to work tomorrow. I think we should call it a night. If Charlee or have give you a hard time please let me know." I said to Chandler.

"They are good kids." Chandler said smiling at them and me.

"If it's okay I'm going to have my best friends help me move my stuff in tomorrow." Logan said.

"That's fine Charlee and have can help you." I said.

"Walk me to my car." aunt Carol said.

"We will see you tomorrow." Chandler said following us outside.

"Bye." Charlee, Jace and I said together.

"I really am sorry for keeping all this from you. I know your mad and you'll be mad for awhile but please don't shut me out. I love you guys and only want to protect you." Aunt Carol said hugging me and the kids before getting in her car.

"We will see you tomorrow for the picnic." I said kissing her cheek.

"Thank you." she said smiling a sad smile.

"Good night." I said as she drove away.

It was time for my little family to go talk about all this. I had to make sure my siblings were okay with all of this. And I wanted to make sure that they would be okay having all of these people in their lives.

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