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Warning short chapter.

Chandler's POV

The memorial for Stan and JoAnna is tomorrow. Gunner and Logan have been nonstop training. Christian has been training both Charlee and Jace for the third in command. Charlee reminds me some much of JoAnna it's unbelievable. She was so strong minded and strong willed.

I ordered a statue of two wolves. The wolves faces opposite of each other and looked as if they were guarding us and watching over us. The one thing I loved about this statue was that the two wolves tails were touching to the bottom but the tops formed a heart. Stan and Joanna's names were engraved into the stone with their DOB's and their DOD's on it. (DOB= date of birth DOD= date of death)

The kids nor the pack have seen this area. It has been deemed off limits until tomorrow's ceremony. Right now I was planting some bushes an flowers in the landscaped area around the statue.

"Is it okay for me to cross over I to your land?" Carol asked. I looked up to see her and Sig standing there.

"Just you?" I asked with a smirk.

"He's to proud to ask." she said waving off her dad.

"You may both cross." I said with a chuckle. We were at peace with the Rose Petal Pack and our packs intermingle all the time. We have like an open door policy as long as we check in with a high commanding person of the opposite pack.

"So this is the memorial for my sister. I have to say Chandler it is very nice." Carol said walking around the memorial.

"Thank you. I'm sure Gunner has spine with the two of you and has Ts you what his wolf said to him." I said adding another bulb to the dirt.

"He has. I don't know whether to believe it all it not." Sig said. This guy let me tell you.......

"Shut up dad. You and I both know their was only a human scent at the scene of their deaths. And you know that both of them would never betray us." Carol said shaking her head.

"I am sure that Gunner's wolf is Stan's. I was Stan's best friend for 27 years we shifted with each other." I said.

"When is my grandson taking over?" Sig said ignoring me. He could pretend all of this is a dream or whatever he wanted to.

"In three weeks." Logan and him have finished most of the training and he has read all the books and history. He said he feels ready but he doesn't want to take away from the specialness that tomorrow means." I said.

"I will require a meeting with him the day after his Alpha ceremony." Sig said. I made a mental note of it and we moved on.

"Are you going to be joining us tomorrow?" I asked.

"I will be." Carol said.

"I have things to do." sig said.

"Well it starts at six and we plan a run when it's over you and your pack are welcome to join us for both." I said bowing my head slightly. I am after all only a beta.

"I feel like this is all happening a little fast." Carol said.

"Let that boy grow up already." Sig snapped causing Carol to bow her head. What an ass.

"He is ready. I promise you that. I have to say he is stronger then Stan but can fight just like him. He is amazing to watch." I said trying to make sure that Sig understood me.

"And his mate. I hear your boy is his mate. Is your son just as fierce as my grandson?" sig asked.

"He was trained as an Alpha and a beta." I said standing tall.

"Very good." Sig said.

"Well I am done here. I am needed back at the pack house. Newly mated couple." I said standing up after I buried the last plant.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Carol said.

"Remember I require a meeting with Alpha Gunner once he is Alpha." Sig said before he wondered off to their side of the boarder.

"Gunner. Your grandfather request a meeting once you become Alpha. He keeps reminding me to tell you." I said laughing through mind link.

"Maybe he should pick up the phone and ask me himself." Gunner said making me laugh out loud.

"Would you like me to tell him that?" I asked.

"No tell him we will meet." Gunner said with a sigh.

"You got it." I said.

"What did he say?" sig asked.

"He said you will meet." I informed him.

"Very well." he said before disappearing.

"Thank you for all this." Carol said before following her dad.

We weren't doing this for just Stan and JoAnna. Our pack needed to do this. Have closer and all that happy hoopla.

I shifted and ran back to the pack house. Charlee and Jace were coming to have dinner with the pack tonight. Zandra was cooking up a feast. They were really good kids. Stan and Jo would be so proud.

"So who is our new lucky couple?" I asked walking into the living room of the pack house.

"Becca and Salone." Remi one of our pack members said. That is so weird I thought for sure Becca and Christian would have been mates.

"Congratulations. And Happy Birthday Salone." I said smiling at the happy couple.

"Thank you." Salone said smiling.

"I never thought it would be her." a even happier Becca said. I looked around and seen a smiling Christian so I knew everything was okay.

"The Goddess has a plan and she will pick who she think will help us complete our task in life." I said smiling at the group that is gathered around the newly mated couple.

"Is Logan and Gunner home?" Christian asked.

"They should be dripping the kids off any minute." I said just as Casper walked in with Jace and Charlee.

"What's up?" Casper said walking in.

"Becca and Salone are mates." Christian smiled.

"Really way cool. Happy Birthday Lone." Casper said in his laid back way.

"Wow so cool." Jace said hugging Becca and Salone.

"Congrats." Charlee said smiling at the new couple. I watched as Christian made his way over to where Charlee was. Maybe the Goddess had a good plan after all.

"Remember tomorrow is the memorial for our fallen Alpha couple. We will meet at the Willow tree by noon. We will end it back here with a Bon fire and feast." I said.

"Chandler can we go outside?" Jace asked leaning into Casper.

"Yeah. Your all free to go." I said. I headed for my office so I could finish some paper work.

This office still held a hint of Stan's scent and in the closet was a coat belonging to Jo. I missed my best friends.

🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾the next day🐾🐾🐾🐾

"Come on guys we need to go." I yelled at a group of people coming with me.

"Coming Alpha Chandler." a couple of young pups said running out the door.

"Some of us may need to carry a couple pups there and back. Everyone is to pitch in and keep an eye on all of our members. We will be close to the Rose Petal Pack boarder they might be our allies but not everyone over there likes us." I said looking at all the faces of our pack members.

We shifted and each of us had one or two non-shifting kids in our backs. The memorial was close but it would have taken them awhile to get there on foot.

"Thank you all for coming. This is a memorial for Alpha Stan and Luna JoAnna. Our Alpha couple who died protecting us." I said standing in front of the covered statue.

"This statue is in tribute to them." Keegan said. Together we lifted the blanket revealing the two wolves. There was clapping and cheering from all around.

"My parents were the best. I remember most of my childhood with them. I am so proud to call them my family and that i come from a very courageous pair. It's an honor to be their son." Gunner said. Logan hugged him tight.

"Mom and dad uses to make sure we spent every Sunday afternoon talking. About anything and everything. I miss those Sundays." Charlee said hugging Christian.

"I don't remember our parents really but Aunt Carol and Gunner would talk about them all the time." Jace said leaning against Casper.

"Stan and I grew up together and he was always funny one. The one that would stop and help some random person and he was always the one to do the right thing. When he met JoAnna it was like his whole world changed. He became twice the man he was. She made him better some how. She was amazing in every way. Smart funny and an amazing cook. They were perfect together." I said smiling sadly.

"My sister was amazing in every way full of life energy and smart wow was she smart. The kids take after her in that part. But they get there funniness from their dad. I miss them both." Carol said wiping tears as they fell.

After that there was another hour of people saying things about Stan and JoAnna. We decided to head back and start the fire and get something to eat. It had been an emotional day and it was time to liven it up a little.

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