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Logan's POV

Gunner was a hard worker. He was up and gone before I got up at five. I could still smell him so I knew I had barely missed him.

Dad told me to hold off on letting Gunner know we were mates. He said it will test his wolf if his wolf chooses me. So the only one who knows is my dad and I.

"Hey Logan." Casper said walking in the house. He needed to learn to knock.

"Casper you need to knock here, dude." I whispered.

"No way. I have permission from the big guy. He's building me an apartment n the pole barn I told him I think Jace is my mate." Casper said like it was nothing.

"Do you really thing that way?" I asked.

"Yep. I really do. I even talk to Jace about it. He said as of right now he likes girls. But he said is okay with it." Casper said coming into the kitchen.

"And if your not?" I asked sipping my coffee.

"We talked about that also. I turn 18 in a month. I'll know. Jace is only 11 and way to young to even think about doing anything. But as his mate I can mark him with out mating him." He said like it was something he did everyday.

"We have training after work I have to work on getting Gunner up to Alpha material." I said.

"Chris and I brought training clothes. And I'm hoping they get running water in the barn today." He said taking an apple out of the bowl and taking a bite. Casper is so care free I don't understand how he became the second. He's to goofy.

"Where is Chris?" I asked.

"Sleeping on the roof." he said.

"Let's get to work." I said shaking my head.

"Cool your dad actually sent me to make sure your lazy butt was up." he said making me chuckle. I'm not lazy but I do have a hard time waking up.

Gunner called to say he was leaving work so me and the guys started cleaning up.

"Casper can you help me with tying this hammocks up?" Jace asked.

"Sure babe." Casper's goofy ass said hopping off with Jace. He is so set on Jace being his mate he's falling for the kid.

"Hey I'll be out on ten." Gunner said from behind me.

"Take your time I still need to change." I told him.

"What should I wear?" he asked.

"Shorts or sweats." I said following him into the house. It smelled amazing like roast and vanilla. Charlee had candles burning and I think that is the vanilla smell that isn't to overwhelming but is soothing.

"Can I train too?" Charlee asked.

"It's up to Gunner but I don't see why you and have both can't do some of the training. You guys wouldn't be able to do all of it but the running and boxing parts you can." I said.

"Cool. I love to run." she said. I chuckled to myself. We ran like miles not blocks. And some of it in the woods not roads.

"That's great. I'm going to go get ready." I said heading for my room.

"Me too." she said.

I found my tank top and basketball shorts that I trained in and hopped in the shower really quick.

"Casper if they are done before me have them start doing stretches and then your ass and chris's ass better be ready.

"I'm ready and I gotcha your back." he said making me shake my head.

By time I got down there everyone was stretching. Gunner looked amazing. He was in a black tight tank top and blue basketball shorts. Everything hugged his body like a glove.

"Okay if your guys a loosened up we are going to start out with a bit of a slow run. I don't know how far but when you have ran as far as you can I want you to stop. Chris or Casper will let me know how you have done. Remember slow." I said before taking off.

I started off down the drive and onto the road. If I went down about a mile or so there was a nice path in the woods. I'm thinking it's a good fifteen mile trip back to the house this way.

When we made it to the woods. I looked back and noticed that everyone was doing really good. The sweat rolling off Gunner was nice.

"Do we get to run like this every time we train?" Gunner asked.

"Yeah it will get farther each time." I said looking back. Jace and Charlee were still keeping up.

"We like to run. A lot." Gunner said. I smiled. I think it's a wolf thing. Just wait until he is on all fours.

We made it back. All six of us. I have to say I am amazed.

"So now we are going to learn a few things about fighting." I said.

We practice the different ways to get out of holds, to keep a hold and to take down an attacker. All three of the Madison children were tough, flexible and strong as hell. it has to be the Alpha gene.

"Okay guys that enough for tonight. Tomorrow we are working on upper body strength." I said taking my shirt off and wiping my face off.

"Next week we will have a gym set up in the pole barn." Gunner said.

"Sweet." Casper said.

"That will help." I said heading for the house. I was starving, tired and in need of another shower.

"I made enough dinner for all of us." Charlee said heading for the kitchen.

It smelled so good in this house. I think a lot of the reason why it did was because Gunner was in it and his scent was like heaven to me.

I can't wait until he figures out what we are. It is taking a lot to control my wolf so I don't let him know. All I need for him to do is shift.

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