Getting Ready

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A/N: this chapter and the last chapter are more or less filler chapters. There will be a little information here and there that might be important down the line but nothing to worry about really. I just hope it doesn't delete or I might explode. Also these filler chapter may or may not be short.

Chandler's POV

Getting the pack ready for a Alpha that doesn't know about them has been hard. I can see the challenge in people's eyes. But as long as he is a blood Madison they can't challenge him.

"Dad for my birthday next week I was thinking that maybe going camping." Logan said. My son was turning 18 and would be finding his mate. I couldn't be happier.

"Sure son but I do want you to make sure that you look for your mate." I said smiling at him.

"I want to find my mate trust me dad." He said smiling back at me. Logan took the pledge to stay pure for his mate when he turned 13. I was so proud of him.

"I'm sure you do. Tomorrow is Friday and I would like to at least get the house roof done at Gunner's place. The garage can wait. He has hired us to build a nice size shed and finish the in ground pool. All the stuff for both of those things are in the pack pole barn. Stan had brought it we just never finished it." I said trying to keep the sadness out of my voice.

"How long were you and Alpha Stan friends?" he asked.

"Sense birth. I was the future beta and he was the future Alpha. We were born with in a few week of each other just like you and Gunner. You two would have been best friend almost like brothers." I said.

"I don't see him like that. There is a pull toward him but I don't understand that. Maybe it's our wolves connecting because of the beta alpha bond they shared when we was younger. Or it's because of our early friendship." He said. I don't think that is why but I wasn't 100% sure.

"Maybe. Now call a crew meeting. I am going to need all hands on deck. We need to load the trucks and everyone works tomorrow." I said patting him on the back. "Keegan can you come to my office please." I said through mind link.

"On my way." Keegan said.

"Okay dad." Logan said heading out.

I sat at my desk trying to put together a game plan for the Madison project. We had a lot to build but I wasn't sure after Sunday if Gunner would want anything to do with us. And if my gut felling about Logan is true then our worlds are going to be flipped upside down.

"You wanted to see me boss." Keegan asked coming in my office.

"I need you to do me a favor. Go see Carol Highland. Find out when and where she is telling Gunner about his history. Make sure she knows that if she doesn't then I will. My gut is telling me that that kids life is about to take a major turn." I said the last part was mostly to myself.

"You know that woman hates me." He said with a grown.

"Oh I'm sure she hates me as well. But I stopped carrying how she felt the minute I learned Stan's kids didn't know about who he really was." I snapped then sighed.

"True. I'll go see her. Have you spoke with her dad?" he asked.

"Yes and he said he stands behind carol. I explained to him that she is by our law a trader and could be punished and he didn't seem to care." I said with a shake of my head.

"Because he knows you would never turn her in so he will stand behind his only living child." Keegan said.

"I think that is it. And I think Carol used that to her advantage." I said.

"Well I guess I should head our there. I'm glad she lives in neutral territory." He said standing.

"That land is about to go up for bid again. I might see what the pack wants to do." I said wiggling my eye brows. I would never hurt Carol but a good scare never hurts anyone.

"Did you want me to threaten her nicely?" he asked before leaving.

"Nope just be professional about it." I said not bothering to look up from my paperwork this time.

This pack was a pretty good pack. We had our issues nothing big and nothing I couldn't handle. Gunner will have no trouble with it that's for sure. He has authority rolling off him in waves. And his body language demands respect.

The pack has finally come to terms with the fact that Gunner would be taking over I just hope they are ready for who his mate will be. They will have no chose either way unless they went rogue or asked to transfer packs.

It would be a while before Gunner took over the pack. He will need to be trained. He will have to learn all about being a wolf and pack life. He should have never been kept in the dark.

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