Wiping Away Memories

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Gunner's POV

"Hey buddy where do you want this dumpster?" one of the guys asked.

"As close to the house as you can. I have to replace the roof and some windows." I said wiping the sweat from my forehead.

"This is it." the guy said. They got it pretty close.

"Thank you." I said.

"We come by every Monday to dump so to get your money's worth make sure you fill it." He said waving as he climbed in the truck.

"This lawn crew seems to be in heaven mowing all this dead stuff." Jace said.

"Wish I could say the same about cleaning these flower beds." Charlee said.

"I have a roofer coming to give me a estimate. I don't want to tackle that. But I am going to start taking windows out." I said.

"When will we start the inside?" Jace asked.

"When the electricity is turned on the gas people will be here any minute." I said sighing. So much to do not enough time.

"Hey excuses me. I'm looking for Gunner Madison." A guy said coming from the drive.

"I'm Gunner Madison." I said walking towards him.

"I'm Chandler Rivers, I'm here to give you an estimate on your roof." he said. He was a little pale and look a little sick.

"Are you okay" I asked.

"Yeah, it's just I think I might have known someone you was related too. They uses to live here." He said.

"My parents. You knew our parents?" I asked.

"Stan and JoAnna, they left right after Jace was born." He said.

They were murdered. Bodies found about a hundred miles from here. They had went out on a date and were kidnapped and killed." I said with venom.

"How's come it wasn't in the paper or on the news. Why am I just hearing of this. We thought you were all gone." he said.

"My siblings and I lived with our moms sister." I said. This guy was really shook up over this.

"Wow okay well let me look at this roof and I will let you know." He said shaking his head. Just as I was turning to head back to where Charlee and Jace where I saw a wolf running behind our camp. It looked like the same one as yesterday.

My gut said that we were safe with all these wolf sightings. But I couldn't take the chance with Charlee and Jace. So I started working on the windows that were closest to them.

"Mr. Madison, I have that estimate for you." Mr. Rivers said.

"Wow that's kind of cheep." I said looking at it.

"I would be a really bad friend if I charged you for stuff your dad had stored at my shop. I have most of the stuff to replace the roof. I'll just uses the stuff he was saving to put the barn up with." He said.

"Really that's awesome. You wouldn't by chance have anything else would yeah?" I asked.

"I actually do. I have a few windows that was meant for the barn, a couple doors and a outside wood burner he had planned on heating both the house and the barn with. It's huge." he said.

"Nice. I think that would be great." I said.

"If it's okay with you I would like to get started tomorrow. I can have my crew here by seven." He said. I had an appointment with the voodoo doctor at nine.

"That's fine. I have an appointment in the morning and the electric company coming in the afternoon so if you need electricity you might want to wait." I said just as a couple wolves ran past in the woods.

"Gunner." Charlee said watching them.

"Do you guys have a lot of wolves on this side of town?" I asked the guy. He looked shocked, sad and pissed all in one.

"You could say that. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone. I meant to ask you what was your aunts name you lived with? I remember your mom always talking about a Candice or something like that." he said.

"Aunt Carol." Jace said smiling.

"Carol yes, now I remember. Well I'm going to go and start loading the stuff in my trucks. I will bring the windows and doors with me tomorrow." Mr. Rivers said.

"Thank you." I said waving.

"I think I am going to wash the none broken windows. I would like to at least start sweeping the floors and dusting what stuff we are keeping." Charlee said.

"Okay, A could of the stairs need replaced so only work on the first floor. Stay where you can hear me if I holler and be careful there could be wild animals living in there somewhere." I said pulling the window I had been working on out. Once it was in the dumpster I boarded that hole back up.

"Gunner I think the gas people are here." Jace said before heading in the house with Charlee.

"I have already turned you meter on. Once your power is back on I will come back out and do a test leave all the valves off until then." this guy said walking up to me with a work order.

"Thank you. The electricity should be up and going by tomorrow after noon." I said.

"I can come back Saturday but it will be early like five in the morning early." he said.

"That's fine. I'll be up." I said.

"Alright see you then." he said before taking off.

I went back to working in the windows. I could see Charlee and Jace cleaning the inside and it was sort of sad. I am hoping to save some of the furniture. I like the idea of have things that belong to my parents.

"Gun were hungry." Charlee said making me pause and look at my phone.

"Let me get this last window out. Jace you make a safe fire and Charlee you get us a place to wash up. I need some stuff from Lowes, we can eat while were gone. We have about three hours of daylight left so let get moving." I said getting the last broken window out. Charlee was off heating water up to put in the plastic tote she brought with. Jace went to work leaving the fire low with mostly Coals and some apple wood. It's best for a long burn time and a small flame with little to no spark. He's so smart when it comes to this stuff.

Once we were cleaned up and I had checked and locked everything up we headed into town.

"Can we have McDonalds for dinner?" Jace asked.

"No Wendy's." Charlee said.

"I was thinking KFC." I said.

"Yeah." two voices yelled making me chuckle.

I pulled into Lowes and headed for the nails, screws and staples section. I needed the stuff to put the windows in so I started to load a cart.

"What about new door knobs with locks?" Charlee asked.

"Yeah but I want to get some that all you have to do is enter a code. You know how Jace is when it comes to keys." I said earning a slap from Jace. I chuckled as we headed into the door knob section. I found a couple different ones and let the kids decide.

"I am going to go check there rugs." Charlee said. It was one of the things she added to the list. She would like a nice area rug in her room.

"Okay but take Jace with you. I will be getting lumber." I said pushing the cart towards her. She took and the two of them headed off I one direction while I made my way to the lumber area.

Once I got all the wood I would need I found some of the canvas shelter things a picked up a couple. Now we had a proper bathroom and a place to store our materials while we worked on the house.

"I found a couple different rugs for the house." Charlee said coming with her cart and Jace with another one.

"Come on before you spend all my money." I said laughing.

"KFC." they yelled as I pulled into there parking lot.

"I'm going through the drive through. Alexa might be working and I don't want to get stuck talking to her." I said. Alexa was my ex and it was a messy break up. She tried saying she was pregnant and it was mine. Sad thing is I would have been happy if we would have actually slept together. I'm still a virgin both ways. Not that I am a bottom but I haven't slept with a male or female.

"She should have had her baby by now right." Charlee asked.

"Not sure kiddo." I said pulling up to the menu. I ordered enough food for an army and quickly paid and got out there because Alexa was there.

Once we were done we headed home. I erected the shelters while the kids ate and set camp up for the night. Charlee was thrilled with the new bathroom idea. I was almost broke but I was okay with that mom and dad had left us money so if I needed to I could use that.

After I ate and washed up I sent the kids to bed and relaxed by the fire. I loved it here it was peaceful but I felt watched. Not in a creepy way but in a safe way. What ever it was wouldn't hurt us.

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