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:: Elizabeth ::

I could hear my name being called in the distance.

"Go away," I mumbled groggily, pulling the pillow over my head.

"Elizabeth Lily-Rose Fernandez!" My mother yelled.

I sat bolt upright in my bed, bashing my head against my low bedroom ceiling with a satisfying thump.

"Owch," I moaned, rubbing my head. "Why'd you call my full name?"

"Elizabeth, you're going to be late for school," Dragon Lady moaned impatiently, putting her hands on her hips and tapping her toes on the bamboo floor. Her tone was the casual, 'do not mess with me or die', sort of tone.

The words finally got through to me, and my eyes widened slighty; as I was still half asleep.

"iCarajo!" I cursed in Spanish and received a splash of ice cold water from the Dragon Lady.

"Watch your boca, young lady," She snapped, as she left the room.

"C-cold," I gasped, shivering to my radiator to get warm again.

I groaned, as I realised the Dragon Lady had turned off the heating and decided to take a quick shower. I got dressed in the old Mystic Falls uniform, almost ripping them in the process of trying to snag them on so fast.

I blow-dried my long, dark curly hair in record time, grabbing my school bag and keys, then hastily made my way out the house to the garage.

"Adios!" I called to my mother, clambering into my small light blue Bug; which Katie had nicknamed 'Little Blue'.

She muttered something under her breath as she shut the front door, as I hurriedly drove to school; hoping I wasn't as late as I thought.

I came around the corner of the school, and glanced at my dashboard clock as I parked.


I cursed under my breath in both languages, and then got out my car, locking it behind me as I sprinted to my double lesson of Chemistry.

I got there just in time for Miss. Nash to walk into our class, and begin her demonstration.

"How come you're so late?" My best friend, Katie asked, as she gave me a catalyst for the experiment. I only knew it was a catalyst; because it said 'Catalyst' in black felt tip on the front of the beaker. I'm not that stupid.

"Yeah, what happened?" Leah, my other best friend asked, handing me some ugly goggles.

I sighed. "My mum got me up late, and my alarm died," I pit the goggles on, only to find I couldn't see anything but a void of blur.

After double Chemistry, we had our break. I went to the Music area, to play piano.

I began paying Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight Soundtrack, smiling softly to myself as I played.

When I finished, someone clapped their hands twice at the door.

"You're not that bad, Liz," Alex murmured at the door, leaning casually against the doorframe. My mum doesn't like me hanging out with Alex all that much, as he, I quote, "dresses like a tramp who needs a good talking to,"

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