If I Was Not Oracle

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We are not supposed to make it through the timeline. We work together as partners yet the official story does not promote any kind of igniting flames between the two of us. It was not scripted, falling in love with him and believe me, I fought back my feelings but I had no heart to do so.

He will be coming back home in a few days and I have waited for him the whole month. Now that my wait will reach its end, I do not understand the feelings that are seeping through me; I am like a child that is seeing her father after a whole day of staying with her mother. I have always been a daddy's girl.

I am the one always poking my way onto him with beliefs, faith and love and other abstract unexplainable matters but then again, he taught me how to love like I have never done before.

I have never wanted to run around so much in my entire life. He gave me raging butterflies that turned into beasts every time I saw him, every time I thought of him. I wanted to scream at the entire world upon how much I loved him and dear lord, I could not and I do not wish to stop.

I feel like a princess. I never felt like this before, I feel like I am floating amidst thousand stars.

"Dear K,

Just remember that I love you even when you are awake at 2 and sleep can't catch you. Just remember that I love you and I miss you when you wonder if whether I am safe or not. Just remember that I love you every passing moments of our life that we do not get to share together. Just remember that I love you will all my tiny heart and I will never stop."

I love you.

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