If We Never Breathed

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Ask me why I am here at 2:17 a.m? The sky is darker now and the stars are gone, the clouds blinds me. And then again, I am breathing and the air is cool and pure. I can hear myself breathing, even my heart, I can hear its thumping.

I never felt more alive and lost. This is what love does to you, it havocs your mind when that person is miles away from you yet it reminds you that there is someone out there who is thinking about you, waiting to see you again.

He is the most beautiful soul I ever met, ever felt. I could talk about him all day and never seize to be amazed. He is the kind of person that makes you want to stay and believe in your own self. He acts like a pillar when you cannot support the burden yet encourages you to fly.

I never want to leave, I never wish to have him leave either. Lord, if there is ever a force up there, I am in love with this man and for goodness sake, I never felt more alive in my skin before I met him.

"What is happening to me?", I ask myself this question every single day and I am left with other memories of him doing wonders to my soul that I am unable to phrase.

Truth is, I love him.
I can't stop..and I don't even want to.

and I don't even want to

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