If We Never Met; Dreams

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I want to sleep next to him. I want to watch him as he falls asleep; his constant breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, his rosy lips slightly parted, his face free from frowns.

I want to lay next to him and share a silence so intimate that words would not even be needed. I have a heart half belligerent yet half pacifist and his mere name can calm me.

I want to live next to him and share his moments, be it the scariest, most dark, twisted or exciting, life-changing. I want him to know that I will always be there when he will turn his head to look beside him. I will be there; holding him.

I want to run away with him and go upon adventures that were never even planned to be undertaken. On adventures where the memories will only be most memorable because of the person I am with; I care not if I am in New Orleans or in Minesotta or in the deserted streets of local small towns.

I want to hold hands with him and go onto the rollercoaster ride and through out the other games and rides there might be. Capture moments where our mouths are sticky with cotton candy or hands are covered in ketchup from eating too much fries.

I want to laugh with him upon strange and beautiful things that we create puns on as the sun sets and we cuddle each other as the temperature goes down. To have my mind filled with the deep talks we have as we walk back home together with the headlights lighting up the way.

I want to cook with him on a morning when the last traces of sleep still dances in our eyes and we smile a lazy smile to each other as we have a late breakfast because decided to sleep in instead of waking up early.

I want to discuss with him about matters of the world's crazy affairs and its aftermaths as he listens to my blabbering and exhilarating burst of cuss words as I hold my head with my two palms and he comforts me and explains the hows and whys.

I want to chase him as we proceed on with our prank wars to get back to him on a prank he did to me as I was taken by surprise and sincerely, I never liked accepting defeat or even losing.

I want to dance with him on New Year's Eve as the fireworks bursts in the dark yet star-adorned sky signalling the coming of just another year and have him beside me just living and existing, knowing that I am the luckiest woman on earth to be and to love a human who loves me, accepts me, understands me.

I am in love with him.

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