If He Never Stayed

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There is no such thing as fairytale in our today's time but still many of us wishes for happy endings that can't be obtained. If they are obtained, it comes at a price thus questioning that whether the things we do, the people we love are going to do what we did for them.

What he did not see was that he was so immersed in his own kindness that there were people out there surrounding him that wanted him to let himself be talked to for once.

The idea of being strong through milleniums has had a lot of change and spice added to it and today everyone has a different interpretation about what strength is and means to them. While to me, being strong meant also letting down your guards, letting yourself trust others, hoping for a better outcome of things.

I saw him through his eyes and I knew that maybe one day, I will tell him that I love him a lot for who he is and he needs not to change for anything or anyone but he knows that.

I saw him through his actions on how kind of a person he was and still how he could always mix bossy and fun together so that everyone could enjoy themselves while getting the job done.

I saw him through his silence just how strong he was, and gallant and so handsome but to me he remained who he always his; a boy who was only human and who felt different emotions through all of his ties and one who knew where to give his best. That boy was whom I trusted.

Everything was attainable, even perfection.

I believed in love, in destiny, in the greater perhaps and even a force above without much theories that could explain or prove my beliefs as I had faith and I trusted my guts.

I believe in him.
If he ever told me not to or prompted that I might regret, I would wish he knew that he was my choice.

"The world needed saving and maybe you would be the one saving it but I just want to be there if ever you need saving because the world could wait, you can't."

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