If We Never Talked

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He was the one who approached me. Would I have talked to him if he did not? Probably not. Why? I do not know.

He always seemed distant to me, before I met him. It seemed like he was never really here, always lost in his thoughts; I would wonder what were the things that lurked him into forgetting about his surroundings but then, just after that he would blink repeatedly and secure his glasses and continue his merry way as if nothing really happened.

As I have said, our first conversation was a series of 'No' from me and him trying to pursuade me into participating in the MUN; till today I still wonder, was he really trying to pursuade me? Because, to me, it did not seem like he gave his all when he was trying to pursuade me. Was it because I was still a stranger to him? But then, are we still strangers right now?

Before talking to him, I did feel intimidated. He walked in a way that said he knew where he was headed, always. The way he talked made you feel like this was someone who have plans and one who have plans is one who must be admired, as my grandpa has always said.

He was young, too young for all of these plannings but he was determined. It felt like he was trying to compete with something, not someone.

I do understand that the level of competition in our world has risen but this was madness and that made me think of Loki, the God of Mischief.

Talking to him has always been fun; I loved how we talked about topics that people would usually considered as the 'serious talks' as something normal as discussing about the weather.

His talks made me learn in a way he would never know.

We talked but did we really? We all have secrets and I am sure, there is more to him than all these discussions we have had on the meaning of 'real feelings', who we really are deep within or even him living as the Knight while I remain behind my 'glasses'.

If I know him? No, I do not but I will soon enough.

And no, he is not a project.

Only a human that I was blessed to meet, talk to and love. If you have any of that type of human in your life, cherish them.

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