If We Never Fought

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What was it again about him that always made our simple yet sometime complexed conversations turned into brawls where I just want to tear off his skin and his oh so straight hair?

Hate is a strong word for human beings and most of them do not really live up to the expectations of that word but then, so is it the same scene with the word of Love.

I remember him finding out or more like I confessing about the book I wrote on one of the boys with whom we were both friends with alongside with the fact that the latter was also the infatuation I thought I couldn't get rid of; he never stopped teasing me about that at one point and I just wanted to smash him, HULK smash.

But then, I was not Tony Stark.

He calls me stupid a lot of times and I should be offended but I am not. I tell him things that I feel without hesitating because I trust him and he says that I shouldn't. So do tell who is the one between the two of us who is the wizard?
Do I open my mouth to him because he put a spell on me? Am I going crazy?

Even writing about our fights drives me the same amount of crazy that I experience while fighting with him face to face.

Just today, we had a fight.

But I can't and I don't wish to stop fighting with him. I like yelling at him and have him coming up with comebacks that sometimes are quite smart while other times are not really that much appealing.

I have a big problem, don't I?

I would rather fight him than ignore him and so would he and he knows that even if he will never admit it out loud.

Be the judge of how unnecessary our fights are and still watch us as we continue fighting.

It comes with not being his friend, I guess.

Now that I think about it, being his friend is not something I would go for.

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