If We Never Kept In Touch

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We could have stopped talking, but why would we when we couldn't even stop missing one another? Being away from him hurts but that is a pain I will go through again and again for he is worth the wait.

And so is he.

I have met so many people in my sixteen years of existence and six years of social life and honestly speaking, life blessed me when he made entry in my book.

He was miles apart from me yet never failed to make his presence known. As if those miles of being apart did not matter because our bond was more pertinent.

He has seen me at my most vulnerable state, and managed to tackle a smile out of my system. He went through my constant whinning and never once sighed out of frustration. He had to hear my pointless bickerings and showed me light instead of leaving me hanging.

And despite the distance between us, he never made me feel lonely. He called and talked and made me fall in love again and again.

He looked out for me, he made me feel special, loved and cared for. He made me feel like I mattered.

I would not change a thing.

I have spent my nights praying to the Universe for him to be safe and in most of my prayers, I felt stronger.

Home sometimes is not a building but a person.

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