Lost Birthright

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She was losing it---losing her grip and her birthright; but, she didn't know it yet...

What she did know was that her neighbors were all missing the point, while they threw all their little points at each other.

The neighborhood was rundown and spawning crime, with people ready to abandon it to the thugs.

The crisis couldn't be conquered with little thoughts and demands; they had to all agree to at least one idea bigger than their egos...

She wondered why everyone was claiming a different reason for the rotten situation, as if they weren't all part of the big reason...

They could argue all they liked; but, there must be a way to fold all their opinions into some overall scheme to save the neighborhood.

Crime for the young ones---church for the old ones---harsh work for the others---no one agreeing with anyone else...

She'd always tried to think from broad principles down to the details; but, all these people seemed capable of was seeing a few of the details and thinking those were the "principles".

She almost wished she could pick a few details and join the merry fray; but, father had been a very strong influence, and father had been a true success, even if he did die poor...

Like he always used to say: Trials and tribulations should see you seeking stronger awareness of your ultimate purpose, not seeking to lower your aim and settle for less than your birthright...

June spoke her thoughts, "He'd always said my birthright was to learn the proper principles---know them so I could organize any and all details... But, these people..."

They didn't seem to want any broad thoughts---everything was immediate and personal and small...

She woke up to where she was---the drugstore at Main and Clover.

She walked in with, "Hey, Mabel."

"Hey, June, whatcha need?"

"Peace of Mind"

Mabel clucked at her.

"Really, Mabel, my mind's run ragged. I appoint myself to run a committee to save the neighborhood and no one wants to join it---'cept one kid I know deals drugs---like he could do anything to help---probably thought it'd help him deal..."

"Well, June, I'll be on the committee; and, if you could show them that drugs are death—"

"Mabel, stop... please... You know they make too much money to listen to any sense."

"Yeah, I spose..."

"But, I 'preciate your being the first serious person on my committee—you rock!"

"Thanks, hon---so wha'ja come in for?

June gave Mabel a blank stare; said, "Don't know..."; turned around and walked out of the store.

On the street, she looked back into the store, waved to Mabel and shouted, "See ya for my shift tomorrow!", turned right, and walked up Clover---heading toward the Pastor's house.


Later, over near the park, she stopped by Lucy Stone's place.

Lucy opened the front door just as June hit the porch with, "June Bridgeman, just the woman I needed to talk to."

"Really? And, here I am lookin' to talk to you, Ms Stone."

"Well, come on in---Pastor just called me---I'll put on the tea..."

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