Chapter 19

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Song of the Chapter: Black Skinhead - Kanye West. This song is so intense and vulgar but I get really hype when this song comes on.


Today is Saturday. And I have finals on Monday.

Kill. Me. Now.

It was around 9:45am, and I decided to go downstairs and make myself some breakfast. I decided on cereal, since it was easy to make. I'm lazy, what can I say.

Today kind of felt like a Coco Puffs day, so I had Coco Puffs. And orange juice, of course. If you know me, you know that I love orange juice.

Once I had finished my breakfast, (BEKFAST) I put my dishes into the sink and decided to text my boyfriend. Since Johnson is my boyfriend now, I made sure to make that clear in my contacts.

Me: jackkk
BabyBoy 😍🔥: yes?
Me: i'm bored. do you wanna hang out?
BabyBoy 😍🔥: sure. what do you wanna do?
Me: you know finding dory just came out..
BabyBoy 😍🔥: you're such a child Lily
Me: fine then we won't hang out
BabyBoy 😍🔥: no don't be that way babyyyy I'll pay for your ticket. let's see it at 12:15?
Me: yay! can you pick me up first please?
BabyBoy 😍🔥: of course baby. i'll pick you up at 11:15 so we can go get candy. taylor told me that you like to do that.
Me: yes she knows me so well :)) thanks jackie!
BabyBoy 😍🔥: you need to give me a new nickname
Me: well you do too!
BabyBoy 😍🔥: i guess you don't like me calling you baby..?
Me: ..
BabyBoy 😍🔥: okay babyyy i have to go. byee!
Me: your new nickname is bringdatasshereboiii
BabyBoy 😍🔥: i love it. see you soon babyy

Johnson left me to go do who knows what, despite my efforts of making him stay.

It was only 10:30, so I had some time to spare. But of course, I had to change first. So that's what I did.

I changed into a pretty, turquoise tank top and some high-waisted shorts (*that kind of gunshot noise while person falls* WASTEDDDDD), and I decided to wear my white vans to top it all off.

I didn't try anything special with my hair; I just put it up in a messy bun. Even though I was trying to look nice for Jack, my hair just would not cooperate.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on some makeup. I did a simple, natural look with some mascara and some lipstick. Of course foundation, concealer and that stuff too, but not too much.

After all of that was done, it was 11:12 and Jack was supposed to be here any minute. I was walking around the house, just waiting for Jack to ring the doorbell.

10 minutes passed and Jack still hadn't  shown up, so I decided to watch TV. I turned on The Dude Perfect Show and watched the latest episode from my recordings. (i love dude perfect omg coby and ty are probably my favorite but i love them all and Cody's daughter Landry is sO ADORABLE also today is the twins' birthday woo Cory and Coby)

Cody and Coby were trying to eat like, 8-pound burgers. Cody threw up, while Coby.. he crapped his WHITE basketball shorts. I started laughing hysterically when he pointed that out.

"JOHN CENAA!!!!!" Something, or someone screeched at me, pouncing onto my body while I was watching TV. I let out a blood-curling scream, and out of instinct, started punching them, hard. With my hard punches the body fell to the floor, and I hopped off the couch, running to the kitchen. I grabbed a giant kitchen knife, my phone, and ran back to the living room. It could have been a criminal, so I took extra precautions.

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